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Member since: Sat Jan 22, 2011, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 2,306

About Me

I am not an English Major. I do and will from time to time make grammatical and spelling errors. It would be appreciated if those errors are pointed out using DU mail, but if you must show your superior ability to use the English language by posting on the forum, do not be offended if I choose to point out your need to show that superiority on the public forum also.

Journal Archives

No matter the outcome today what is the next step?

Hopefully Walker is out of office, but does this end all of the issues or will the state be the most divided state in the nation?

If Walker wins (God Forbid), and he is then charged with a crime will it at least be powerless?

If Walker wins (once again God Forbid), will he take that to be a mandate to continue with his plan?

What would happen if...

Depending on your age you may remember the TV show The West Wing. In it the president was Josiah Bartlet who was a Nobel Prize winner in Economics before he went into politics.

So, what would happen if in 2016 the Democrats found someone who was an economist, at least prior to being a politician.

Could the Republicans run against someone who was an expert in economics? Could you imagine every time the Republicans put forth an economic idea they are slammed by someone who could talk circles around a "business man" or career politician?

Is it time to stop electing lawyers, businessmen and those who have been in politics so long no one can remember what they were before?

Is it time for Maximum Wage

We have a minimum wage which isn't enough to survive on but each time someone talks of raising it we hear from the Republicans how it will cost jobs.

Shouldn't we have a maximum wage. The most any employee (executives) could get paid? This could be a maximum salary or the maximum gap between the average rank and file vs. the CEO. Lets say $500,000 was the most unless the lowest paid employee got at least $1 for every $240 the executives made.

Currently the average executive gets paid around $475 for each $1 the employees make. But, they can't afford raises, benefits and are cutting back.

If the money to pay the rank and file more costs jobs doesn't the big paycheck of the executives also cost jobs?

I am not sure if I am serious or just pissed. But, I would love to see what others feel.

Book or website suggestion needed

Over the last year I have heard both good and bad about John Maynard Keynes. Oddly enough this is sometime by the same people, they accept part of his theories and disregard other. I would like to know more about his history and theory, mostly theory.

Does anyone know of a book or website which can explain Keyensian theory for someone who does not have an economics degree. If there were a Keyensian Theory for Dummies, that would do nicely.

Dumb question time

Who is twitty?

Obama's Magic Wand

Durning the debt ceiling debate, a time when you were just as likely to read someone trashing President Obama as supporting him on DU, I posted an OP in which I used the term "Magic Wand". Basically I said people felt Obama had a magic wand in which he could wave and fix everything instantly.

One reply stated how I was using hyperbole, as if I didn't realize it, that "nobody believed that".

Well, maybe my hyperbole wasn't as much an exaggeration as it first appeared;

Today, I heard a report on NPR's "Here and Now" talking about counting the jobs numbers, how Romney says jobs have been lost while Obama says they have been gained.

Well, if you don't believe Obama had a magic wand, you need to allow time for his policy to take hold. Until that time the results really belongs to Bush.

If you DO believe Obama had a magic wand, you can start counting on January 20, 2009 since at noon that day he became president.

So, when is Romney starting the count? June 20, 2009 to allow time for thing to start working? NO!
January 20, 2009? NO!
January 1, 2009 giving Obama credit for the job losses which occurred while Bush was still in office.

So, I guess the Republicans, not only believe in the Obama Magic Wand, they feel it was retro active.

I am just waiting for Obama to be blamed for the following;
The 2008 recession
Starting the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan
Allowing 9/11
Iran Hostages
The Vietnam war
The Korean war
The Cold war
Dropping the atomic bomb on Japan
World War 2
Allowing Pearl Harbor
The Great Depression
World War 1
The sinking of the Titanic
The Civil War
The Revolutionary War
Basically, anything in American History.

Jury question

I have a question about making jury decisions.

I have served on I think 6 juries, 4 of which I was in the majority and 2 I was not. On the two which I weren't' were more policy, rules of the group/forum rather than disruption, inflammatory problems.

In neither case would I have said hide if it were in a different location.

In both cases one other person agreed with me that it was not really inappropriate but rather not in the right place.

I understand that just like in court juries it is up to the individual to decide the issue as they understand it and people may interpret rules differently.

My question(s) is/are if the issue is the subject is not appropriate for the group/forum should it be brought to the host first, rather than a jury? Am I being too picky with the rules of the group/forum?

DVD not available

I know Disney has their "vault" and will release a movie on DVD for a limited time. Apparently they feel this process creates excitement when a movie is being releases and a rush before it disappears again.

Other companies tend to release DVD weeks and months after a movies leaves the theaters and the DVD will remain available permanently or at least for years. They will at times release extended editions, director's cuts, special collections and anniversary editions to build the same excitement Disney accomplishment with a constant opening and closing of the "vault". I think Avatar has been released 4 times already.

But, there are some movies which were either TV movies, older movies or total dogs which either never make it to DVD or didn't sale so they stopped producing DVDs and when they are gone, there gone.

I have see a few movies which are not on DVD but there are those who will sell them by taking a recording from TV or previously released DVD and burning to DVD. They make a profit but not the studio, director, producer nor actors. This is illegal but can easily be found on the internet.

In a world with Netflix, Redbox, iTunes and Hulu renting (or purchasing) movies by streaming or mail order DVD has become the new norm. But, this is still limited by DVD availability and deals made with the studio.

Why not go to the next step for those movies which are not on DVD or available to stream. DVD on demand. Make all movies available on DVD, but make them one at a time, and of course charge a premium for the service. Made to order has worked for other industries for years and it gives the customer many more options. And, instead of paying some guy in Podunk, MS to make a copy from a TV broadcast or a ripped DVD illegally pay the rightful owners.

What do others feel, are there issues I haven't though of?

Is sexual attraction racist?

Sexual attraction is an odd thing. Some like older, some younger, some taller, some shorter, some thin, some fat, some like blonds and others brunets.

If someone who otherwise exhibits no evidence of racism, including accepting others who are in interracial relationships, would they be considered a racist if they are not attracted to someone of another race?

Ok, I get it

It isn't all the christians who want to lock up or murder gays, it isn't most, but just a few.

I also understand with the media "if it bleeds it leads" and a minister saying things like that is going to make the headlines.

Sadly, if a church had a "gay day" to show unity with the gay community it wouldn't be covered unless Phelps showed up to protest.

But, I have no doubt many if not most churches do teach that gays are going to hell. This is apparent by the fact that only a few denomination have decided to allow openly gay people to be members, and even fewer to be ministers.

However, considering the few who hate us so much that they want us killed or locked up, and the many who feel we are sinners, sexual perverts and don't deserve the same rights as all other American Citizens, why is it so bad if we exhibit any anger toward the church?

For the last several weeks, since the NC vote, I keep hearing christians defend the church (even on this website) how Jesus taught love and loves everyone. Well, if I remember the bible says something about you will be known by your fruits, well it doesn't take threats of murder and incarceration or signs which says "god hates homosexuals" for your fruit to be rotten.

Yes, some do accept the gay community, but those few ripe fruits don't make up for the rotten ones. Most farmers would call the crop a total loss.

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