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Wait Wut

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Member since: Sat Jan 22, 2011, 10:51 AM
Number of posts: 8,492

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I think something's not working on DU.

It's called H&M. I don't know why anyone would want to be a host in here.

Shut it down, disinfect it, remodel it, reopen it with a stricter and more specific SOP.
For those that feel the unquenchable desire to be outraged, here are a few suggestions:


For those that would like to undergo some anger management, some humor and feel good shit:

To the hosts of H&M, you all deserve a vacation. I, myself, am going back into my self-imposed exile. I suggest everyone take a deep breath and get to a yoga class.

I'm taking a break.

FIRST, a note: This is being posted in the BOG, to other BOG members and hosts. I realize that what I say may drive some people to frantically start pounding out responses on their keyboards, but if you have something negative to say, please PM me.

I'll still be lurking around, K&Ring all of your threads, but this place (DU...not BOG!) is depressing me. I'm going through some things in my personal life that require a decent attitude.

I just want to give all of you, especially the BOG hosts, my love and gratitude. I don't know who all the members of the BOG are, but I just looked over the list of our hosts and we truly have the most incredible DUers keeping watch. And, an extra helping of that gratitude to NYC_SKP.

With the coming election, this place should be focused on defeating Romney, not attacking other DUers. I got dragged into an idiotic pissing match because one DUer decided to choose an old post of mine on an LZ post to reply to. I'm no fucking Judas. I liked LZ and will still defend her/him. The gravedancing is beyond disgusting. The recent attacks on MineralMan, who is still a DUer, are sickening. Whether you like him or not, there is no excuse for the "mean girl" attacks on him.

Back on DU2, I had gotten into a minor battle on one of LZ's threads. Pretty sure it was just one of those "K&R if you like our President". Those usually brought out the worst in people. Anyway, I received a PM from LZ that said something like, "Don't waste your time. It doesn't bother me." Lately, I feel like I'm wasting my time and it bothers me. I was a fairly long-time member of TPM and came here only because I couldn't access their site from work anymore. It was a rough transition. Eventually, I figured things out here and learned to enjoy it more. Lately, that just seems to have changed. Posting a positive piece about our President brings a flurry of attacks, some are even personal attacks that juries let stand. We have regular posters that continuously post negative pieces about our President, even now, during an election season. The time when we really need to pull together to defeat the Republicans.

Last nite, I went through GD, Latest and Politics and found so few things that were focused on getting Pres. Obama reelected that I became disgusted. So, I came here, again, and read through some old threads to make me feel better. You guys are the greatest. The only thing that truly bothers me is that the BOG seems so isolated. That we're often ridiculed in some threads. I've seen the way our hosts deal with detractors. I don't see that kind of maturity and restraint anywhere else on DU. This group should be the model for all other groups. Shit. We shouldn't even NEED the BOG! But, that's another rant.

I'm tired. Not healthy. Stressed out. I want to focus on November. As much as other current events, such as Trayvon Martin, are important, they've taken over DemocraticUnderground and turned it into something other than a site for Democrats to discuss politics.

I wonder if we, as a group, can turn that around.

Oh, and I promise that if this gets any negative attention, I'll delete and would request our hosts to lock.

Thank you, BOG.

Diocese clarifies bishop's remarks on Obama, Hitler

Clarifies? CLARIFIES? How about backs up, applauds and justifies?

"Based upon the current government's threatened infringement upon the Church's religious exercise of its ministry, Bishop Jenky offered historical context and comparisons as a means to prevent a repetition of historical attacks upon the Catholic Church and other religions," said Patricia Gibson, chancellor of the Peoria Diocese.

"Bishop Jenky gave several examples of times in history in which religious groups were persecuted because of what they believed," Gibson said. "We certainly have not reached the same level of persecution. However, history teaches us to be cautious once we start down the path of limiting religious liberty."



I'm not antiCatholic, religion or anti-much of anything, except THIS crap! I'm having a shit week, and this ain't friggin' helpin'.

This story isn't nearly as uplifting as this one: http://www.democraticunderground.com/11379904 If you read my post, please follow it up with this one.

Bumper Sticker check, or Proof Cons have given up.

I live in what I'm told is the "reddest" city in Arizona. I've noticed an interesting trend here in bumper stickers.

1. No Romney stickers. Not one.
2. Quite a few Ron Paul stickers.
3. More Obama stickers than anything.
4. Way fewer teaper stickers than last year.

Add to that the hilarity of the teaper rally that drew a gigantic crowd of about 18 people along with the disgust that is shown in our local paper over the corruption and insanity in our local government, I think the GOP may be in trouble here.

Any other red staters seeing a trend?

Edit to fix: "local" government. We've got some funny shit goin' on both city and state. "Funny" as in, you get what you ask for...idiots.

Bug questions.

Do bugs experience "fear" beyond the instinctual "Don't squish me, dude!"?
The reason I ask, a lady bug landed badly on my windshield and rolled all the way down. Was she thinking, "OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!", or was she just rolling with the flow? Sorta wanted to give her a little hug and tell her everything would be okay.

Do male lady bugs resent being called "lady" bugs? Does LBU (Lady Bug Underground) have an anti-Feminist group where they insist on being called "gentleman" bugs?

Is calling a male Black Widow a Black Widow psychological torture of some kind? I mean, it's sort of like a spoiler alert, if you know what I mean.

I'm up for all answers. I could look it up, but I'm really lazy today and besides, I'd only get all those sciencey stuff answers and I wanna hear from the Lounge intellectuals.

Crappy Day.

Went to lunch and every inconsiderate fool in AZ was out. By the time I got back to work, my stress level was sky-friggin-high.

And, then...

I looked to my left...

There on my Barack Obama calendar...

Our First and Second ladies were laughing and smiling at me!

I LOVE THOSE WOMEN and I will not let them go, damnit!

okay...i'm better now.

OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 (and their husbands, too!)

Yay!!! My post count is fixed!!!

When I moved to DU3 it put me back at 0. Once I hit "1000" again, it reset to the "real" count overnite!

I'm not a newbie anymore again!

My son and DIL just got new iPhones.

My son tried typing in his wife's name (she's Japanese) and it changed it to "Nagasaki".

Her response, "Ohhhhmygod...that's not right...so wrong."

My son was so mortified that he turned off autocorrect.

Me, the heartless MIL, couldn't stop laughing, which threw her into a giggling fit.

Why is it that sometimes disturbing things make you laugh?

The most ridiculous piece of drivel that I have read in a long time.

I can't provide the link, because it's on "that FReakish site". But, let me give you the gist of the article.

Pregnant women are discriminated against in the workplace because abortion is legal.


Someone give me a paperbag to breathe into...or puke into.
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