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Wait Wut

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Member since: Sat Jan 22, 2011, 09:51 AM
Number of posts: 8,492

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The boss decided we'd stay open today. The phone rang twice. I know what his reasoning is. He doesn't want to pay me for taking a day off. So, he's paying me to sit at my desk, stalk DU and use up electricity and heat.

I'm soooooooooooooooo BORED! 2 hours left! I found/ordered stuff from Amazon with the giftcards I got. FB is boring. I've read all I can read about what's going on in the real world. I even did some much needed research on some games.

I guess I can use this opportunity to wish you all the very best. Some of you have had some rough times in '12. My wish goes out to all of you first.

To everyone 'leaving' or 'taking a break':

We're keeping your seat warm and will celebrate when you get back.

I'm more than a little heartbroken, right now. I do have a good sized selfish streak that is screwing with my abandonment issues, but I understand that the past week has been hell for most of us. It's probably not going to get much easier for a little while.

The Lounge has become my virtual family. All of you are very real to me and not just anonymous avatars. I may not respond to all of your threads, but I read them. Your pain and sadness makes me feel helpless and all I can give you is a virtual and some very real love and positive thoughts. I've cried real tears over many of you. I've stressed out over you. And, I've been elated over your successes. All this from someone that is fairly antisocial and shuns emotion.

Okay, I've exposed enough of my sappy side. Gonna go squish one or two of my kitties until they squeak.

I don't know what I'd do without your goofy asses.

I couldn't escape the 'news' and FB comments this morning. I felt myself sinking lower and lower into something beyond sadness and moving frightening close to apathy.

So I came here. You people are nuts and I love you. Let others whine about the 'cliquishness' and 'arrogance' of The Lounge. They obviously don't get it.

Yes, guns killed 27 people, mostly children.

Can we please agree on one thing? Guns had a coconspirator. Mental illness.

Before someone says, "We don't know that he was mentally ill." 27 (reported) people, mostly children were murdered.

We need to stop cutting funding for mental health issues. We need to remove the stigma of mental illness. We need to be brave enough to recognize when someone we love may need help. We need to love our children, support them, protect them and get them help when they need it...no matter what their age.

I'm devastated. I really need to cry.

Remember way back when you were a teenager...

...and you'd be sitting around with 2 or 3 close friends getting totally baked? Then someone would accidentally start a deep discussion about...dirt or sumthin'? Everyone would get all serious...about dirt.

I've come to the conclusion that it was all Pink Floyd's fault. Though they may have been one of the catalysts in the aforementioned baking, they were the cause of many deep discussions...about dirt. Floyd harshed many a buzz.

I have no idea what made me think of this.

My customers are spreading all kinds of holiday cheer.

1 told me I should kill myself after I told him he couldn't come behind the counter. He then grabbed a bunch of papers and tried to walk out with them. When I stopped him, he shoved me. He walked out the door repeating, "Just die. Die. Go kill yourself and die." I wished him a Merry Christmas (which, if you know me, is like saying 'bless your heart').

Another called me a liar for telling her I wouldn't be able to design her Xmas card until Thursday because I had several other jobs ahead of hers. She's more important than everyone else and forgot to let me know.

One just told me I was an idiot because when he asked 'is this FedEx' I said no. He asked...I shit you not...'What's the name of FedEx'...and I told him. His response, 'Thanks, idiot, I couldn't have figured that out myself'. Um...no, you couldn't.

Arizona is full of sumthin' and it ain't fuckin' cheer.

I did have a couple of very sweet customers today. One made me laugh so hard I snorted. I'm hanging onto their memories until New Year's Day.

Mitt, is that you?

Just got a call for the boss. He's at lunch. This guy rambled on with his name, phone, company before I could ask. He asked to leave a message. Gave me all the info again. I asked if he'd like to leave a message along with his contact info.

"Yes. Please tell him that we specialize in the acquisition and liquidation of companies and I'd like to know what plans he has for his company. He's not expecting my call."

I wanted to tell the guy to go fuck himself.

My family is irritating.

All I ask is that they update their damned Amazon wish lists so I can get my shopping done. NOT ONE has done so, not even the husband. There are no malls nearby and all the local shops cater to the wealthy tourist crowd. If I don't shop online, everyone is getting Walmart socks.

My son has bike parts for his Harley on his (the least expensive is $179). The husband has an amp on his (he must be high). My DIL has pots and pans on hers (I'm not getting her things to help her take care of my son). I give up.

So, I updated mine. I added pygmy goats. I couldn't find a website that offered marmosets for sale. I love pygmy goats. No one will let me have two.

I hate Carl's Jr.

But, when I forget my lunch, I go there. Why? Because their employees are super friendly. Not that creepy Stepford friendly that makes my skin crawl, but genuinely happy.

Same thing with the Taco Bell down the street, but they take it to a different level and actually have fun with the customers. They like to play practical jokes, make silly comments, etc. over the drive-thru speaker.

I shop at Lowe's for the same reason. The employees at the Home Depot out here seem tired and a little put out when you ask for help. Lowe's, they seem thrilled to answer even the dumbest questions (and they like to play with the Christmas toys when they think no one is looking).

I wonder about all the employees at these companies that have threatened or carried through with their threats of layoffs due to the reelection of our President. And, Hostess, did they like their jobs? Did they look forward to going to work?

My boss and I were just talking about Costco. They're nice there. The butcher is always whistling, a close friend of my is the eye doc there and loves his job.

So, I can't imagine I'm the only one that prefers to shop where I don't feel like a burden to the employees. My analysis, happy workers lead to profits. I wonder how you create a work environment that leads to happy workers? Hmmmmm...tough one, eh?


We won some important races tonite...and the most important...

Our President...Barack Obama!!!!

I'm going to go cry, now. I just had to tell you how much you all mean to me.
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