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Gender: Female
Hometown: Oregon
Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 08:24 PM
Number of posts: 9,907

Journal Archives

Texian Logic

My husband coined a new phrase.

"According to Fox7 Austin, State Representative Tony Dale (R-Cedar Park) sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott (R) saying that current Texas laws, combined with how the federal government grants rights to refugees, would allow the newly arrived Syrians to arm themselves immediately."

You may use it without royalty payments.

BREAKING: Sandra Bland's family's attorney just reported

on Lawrence O'Donnell's show that the Texas authorities asked them to return her body from Chicago to Texas for another autopsy. It appears that they screwed up the first one. Fortunately the family will not do that. Lawrence suggested that they get some Federal involvement. This whole thing STINKS!

Kamala Harris has a challenger - (snort)

Apparently Thomas Del Beccaro is challenging Ms. Harris for Barbara Boxer's senate seat.


I knew him tangentially in Lafayette, California where we used to live. He is a complete sleaze bag. He actually tried to hustle a married friend of mine when her daughter played on the same elementary school soccer team as his daughter. He ran for lots of local elections - lost them all. Good Luck! Looks like the Dems will hold another senate seat for the foreseeable future.

(I know, I know, everybody here hates any postings from Raw Story)

I just returned from a week in Paris

Being in the City of Light - which is so joyous and sparkling during and after the holidays - was wonderful. And then it all changed last Wednesday with the brutal and obscene shootings. We stayed in that night, but we had to go to Notre Dame on Thursday morning for a minute of silence and shared mourning. It was raining and we grieved at the horror of what happened. I left my daughter there for a college semester abroad and I pray for her protection and for the healing of the French people.

OK Millennials, Let's talk about voting

You didn't show up for the election on November 4th. You were busy. You were uninspired by the Democratic candidates. You wanted them to be bravely progressive. You wanted them to "speak to you". Me too. I'm a very progressive 61 year old woman who ALWAYS votes, and I was hoping to hear more courage and conviction from the people running for office as well.


By your not voting, you may have unleashed:

Making contraceptives more difficult to get, or possibly even illegal
The end of the EPA
The end of Roe v. Wade
The dismantling of our voting rights (already under way in many red states)
More and more and more wars
Workplace protections - gone
50 state Medicaid expansion - gone
Affordable Care Act - gone
Social Security and Medicare - privatized (Oh, don't worry, you'll never be old and won't ever get sick)
Changes in Red state Electoral College votes, making it easier for the Republicans to take the White House

Do you really think these are OK?
Do you really want your future ruled by these right wing nut bags???

You are our future. You are smart and hard working. You have lots of great ideas for our country.

Put a note in your I Phone for the next election, and every single F-ing one after that - VOTE!

My ballot just arrived in the mail today

and I am looking forward to voting for Jeff Merkley - our awesome progressive senator from Oregon. Sadly, our representative to the house is the odious Greg Walden, but our part of Southern Oregon is lumped with the entire eastern half of the state. I won't vote for Walden, but he has a pretty safe seat. GOTV People!

Who needs a good chuckle from TBogg today?

And even better, this is at the expense of those creepy people with 19 kids and counting..... I'm sorry. Just, EEEW!


Meghan McCain Nails It!

When asked about the Alaska Bimbo's new pay-to-play cable "news" channel:


She said, "I've had all the Sarah Palin I need for one lifetime."

Jack Trammell Needs Our Help

The Democratic Party has decided not to spend much money or effort in VA-07 even with Eric Cantor gone. It's a solidly (gerrymandered) Red district(56%), but with a strong GOTV effort, maybe this Brat guy can be defeated. He lied about going to Princeton (he attended Princeton Seminary) and he couldn't answer Chuck Todd's questions this morning about Minimum Wage and Syria. But if Jack Trammell is to have a chance, we need to send him $5 and help out wherever we can.

I'm so glad to see that asshole Cantor out of Congress!

"Most Homophobes are secretly gay.

However, most arachnophobes are not secretly spiders."

Tweet I spotted on Daily Kos this morning.

Love it!
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