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Gender: Female
Hometown: Oregon
Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 08:24 PM
Number of posts: 9,938

Journal Archives

BREAKING: Doug Jones has been Certified!

Alabama has formally certified Doug Jones as the winner of the Senate Race! The judge threw out Moore's lawsuit. You can head up to DC now, Doug.


Hope you are all following our own dear Ferret

at Showercapblog. His brilliance continues unabated.


Rachel's last segment tonight

It looks like Father Pence may have a Russian problem too! His spokesman wouldn't answer a direct question about whether ol' Mikey had ever met with any Russians. On Fox no less!

To quote the Ferret, shit be cray!

Thoughtful piece by TPM

Josh Marshall looks at the Trump-Kushner problems from a different angle. Very interesting read.


The last paragraph is particularly good.

"A big federal investigation like this is like a broad lava flow. It moves slowly but it is unstoppable. It burns and crushes things in its wake. And things too big or unburnable it just covers over. The little antics and PR gambits mainly do not matter. Key players in this mix donít seem to appreciate that."

Georgia congressional election challenged

The Coalition for Good Governance is suing to have the recent Ossoff-Handel election overturned because of the electronic voting machines!

I would add the link, but I am electronically challenged. Washington Post.

We need 100% paper ballots nationwide.

Rachel rocked it tonight!

She took us through the entire thread of the Mike Flynn story. Day after day. And then it became a rope that she hung around Mike Pence's neck. Isn't it true that people who lie look down and to the right? Now go watch Pence's interview with Brett Beyer on Fox when he insisted that this day was the first he had ever heard of Flynn's international issues. Awesome!
Posted by leftieNanner | Mon Jul 3, 2017, 10:13 PM (9 replies)

I can now add Oregon to the list of states that said NO

Yesterday, I emailed our Republican SOS's office (most of our state government is in Democratic hands) and requested that my personal voter information not be shared with the Kobach fishing expedition. This afternoon I received a response with a copy of the letter SOS Richardson sent back. He said NO! And he talked about how great our automatic registration and 100% vote by mail system works.

I Donated To Jon Ossoff

and you should too! He is running in Tom Price's district in a special election to be held in April. 45 only won this traditionally red district by 1.5 points. Let's turn this district in Georgia BLUE on our way to take back the Congress. Do it people!


What can we do about Trump? Here's a thought.

Trump is all about Trump. He is a massively dangerous man who will destabilize the entire planet on the Monday after the inauguration. It might not even take that long. The Republican congress will not impeach him because they are terrified of Trump's lunatic voters.

But Trump will absolutely be in violation of the Constitution the minute he is sworn in as President. (God, but that makes me want to throw up.) And the things he values most in this world are himself and his money. I think that the ACLU (or maybe even just a citizen) should sue him to force him to completely divest of his business, which he will never do. It might get him to quit the new job. It would take time, but you might be able to fast-track it through the courts. I think even our current SCOTUS would take that case. He does not want the actual working part of the job - he just wants the cheering crowds and the fancy airplane.

What say you, DU?

A Simple Solution to the North Carolina Problem

After passing the widely vilified HB2 "Bathroom Control Act", the poor state of North Carolina is reeling. Companies are taking jobs out of the state which will have a serious financial impact. So, we have a simple solution, a win-win for the Tar Heel state. Since Job Creation is such a large priority for Republican lawmakers, how about creating a whole new department?

Let's call them Gender Verification Specialists. North Carolina can hire many thousands of those people who won't be getting jobs from Pay Pal or Deutsch Bank and station them outside of every bathroom and locker room in the entire state. In order to ensure that those pesky transgender folks don't go into the wrong bathrooms, these GV Specialists will do a quick "wiener" check of every person wanting to enter. We don't want "men" in the ladies' room and no "women" anywhere near those urinals. This will prevent any perverts from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, know what I mean? Governor McCrory and the NC legislature never intended for this law to be personally intrusive! Absolutely not! So these Gender Verification Specialists won't linger any longer "below the belt" than is absolutely necessary.

And anyone who objects to this simple crotch check, or if the "man" in question has less than admirable (or feel-able) "equipment", then "he" can take his "business" elsewhere.

Problem solved!
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