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freshwest's Journal
freshwest's Journal
August 31, 2014

I didn't find the spiderwoman pic offensive. But some posters degraded themselves.

They unleashed their fantasies in the thread, hoping for replies which never came. Kitteh read them and sez:

August 31, 2014

And those I've met in the same position are the first to call for cutting others down. Even unions

and the government that worked to make their life a success story, they trash with their words and their votes.

All because of the ones they don't want to have the chances they had. They talk as if they did it all alone. Most of those they despise paid and still pay for their lifestyle.

Those are the most Ugly Americans there are.

August 31, 2014

The King Canute's of DU often get their feet wet as Vortex Kitteh circles them:

Their only escape from the impudent masses is using Ignore. This subthread is hilarious!

Although King Canute was not as mad as he's been made out to be:

But was the legendary Viking leader and 11th Century King of England so deluded to really assume he had the powers to turn back the tide?

...According to the story, the king had his chair carried down to the shore and ordered the waves not to break upon his land.

When his orders were ignored, he pronounced:

"Let all the world know that the power of kings is empty and worthless and there is no King worthy of the name save Him by whose will heaven and earth and sea obey eternal laws,"

~ Historia Anglorum (The History of the English People) by chronicler Henry of Huntingdon, who lived within 60 years of the death of Canute (1035 AD) ed D E Greenway.


Kings order DU Kittehs. They only meow in return. Twas always so.

August 31, 2014



August 31, 2014

How can you miss someone if they won't go away? Why choose to keep talking to those they say that

they choose to NOT talk to, YET they INSIST on talking to them? There is only one answer. Sadly:

August 31, 2014

Going by DU, I'd say Americans have no interest in that. But agree they might be able to...

Except that one of our generals has said the real problem are the twenty million displaced people from the Iraq War and the wars going on in Syria for years. They have been without a home and can be recruited by ISIS.

If's possible we are on the verge of total warfare such as the world has not seen since WW2. I don't want to be an alarmist and believe Obama is doing all he can to stop more wars starting up. But there are all kinds of wars going on right now.

We seem to be living different realities on this planet. There are people in what would be called peace but not in what we call freedom, there are those who are so battered by warfare they could not be considerd free. This state of affairs may go on to escalate or dwindle and we may not be able to do a thing about it.

I just went searched to make an answer to you, and stumbled onto a website where I learned things about Iraq I never knew and what veterans won't talk about. My dad was in the Pacific in WW2 and didn't indulge us with stories, but on occasion he'd let out some of the things he saw there, as they went through Oceania and finally into China as the Japanese army retreated.

It was quite grosteque, but he spoke of it in those distant terms some do. My BNL was in Vietnam and didn't want to talk about what he did in the Air Force, either but on occasion he let things slip.

I'm not sure where the world is headed now. I wonder if we will or can abandon war, but still not have peace, but low level conflicts and death until the world takes another path. Or never change.

ISIS thinks they have the road to world peace. I cannot imagine living under them, no more than these unfortunate people could.

August 30, 2014


The people who stampede over other voices are the first to cry foul when they feel that their speech—their freedom to bully and insult—is threatened.

Very telling.

August 30, 2014

What a lovely blog you have. It shows your artistic sense in your photographs and artwork:

I really like this:

But EarlG says:

What can I say?

August 30, 2014

For BOG Members: The Tan Suit Poutrage Was Censorship. Here Is What They Didn't Want You To Hear:

President Obama Delivers a Statement on the Economy, Iraq, and Ukraine

Published on Aug 28, 2014 - The White House

On August 28, 2014, President Obama provided an update on the strength of our economy as well as America’s position on the situations in Iraq and Ukraine.

And yeah, fellow BOGers, Obama looks good in tan...

August 30, 2014

Thank you, I've posted on that. You might want to read it:


They've never stopped, it's worked wonderfully for them. If anything, it's more effective than ever. And you might to look over this OP and another thread:


This is still in state platforms, its goals are pushed by ALEX, FW, AFP and the GOP. Each one in office is working to achieve all on the list. They have nearly accomplished all of the items:


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