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Nah, it was just a state holiday. The Daughters of the Confederacy also had a local presence, too.

As did the KKK, Birchers and Nazis.

I likely mentioned this item relating to my taunting of a Nazi on a public radio show. He thought he had him a good little white girl, since I sounded open and all and he was so worried about race mixing and said colored women were all trying to entice him, as if they had magic powers.

Hey, freedom of speech, doncha know...

So I told him he sounded like a rapist to me and he got all huffy.

Strange how that works, you know, 'she made me...'

They had phone lines you could call to listen to the current week's two minute hate recording. Back then, it was blacks, white 'race traitors' and the Jews. Oh, and Democrats, Catholics and Communists.

A common theme was we're gonna 'ship all the blacks back to Africa.'


I remember when they tossed Columbus Day and combined all the presidents to one day, and installed the MLK, Jr. holiday.

Juneteenth was not official. But it was acknowledged by media and stores, and picnics were held in the city parks:

Juneteenth, also known as Juneteenth Independence Day, Freedom Day, or Emancipation Day, is a holiday in the United States that commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas in 1865, and more generally the emancipation of African-American citizens throughout the United States. Celebrated on June 19, the term is a portmanteau of June and nineteenth,[1][2] and is recognized as a state holiday or special day of observance in most states.


Texas no longer celebrates Jefferson Davis' birthday, but does celebrate the Confederacy still. I'd hoped this was going to pass away. Since 'post-racial' America has entered our lives, it's all over...

I see above and searches they keep on adding more holidays to get even for MLK, Jr. Day. Sorry asses.

A few links:



Aren't they just sooo nice to the guy who promised to seize all black freedmen in states they invaded and return them to slavery, and hold their descendents in servitude forever?

What a winner! Thank you for rebranding 'states rights' to 'Tenthers', all of you Teabaggers, Paulibans and Birchers!

Regarding the elimination of Columbus Day, here's a sweet little tidbit:

Opposition to Columbus celebrations

...There are two main strands of this critique, which are interrelated. The first refers primarily to the indigenous population collapse and cruel treatment towards indigenous peoples during the European colonization of the American continents which followed Columbus's discovery. Some, such as the American Indian Movement, have argued that the responsibility of contemporary governments and their citizens for allegedly ongoing acts of genocide against Native Americans are masked by positive Columbus myths and celebrations. These critics argue that a particular understanding of the legacy of Columbus has been used to legitimize their actions, and it is this misuse of history that must be exposed. F. David Peat asserts that many cultural myths of North America exclude or diminish the culture and myths of Native Americans.

These cultural myths include ideas expressed by Michael Berliner of the Ayn Rand Institute claiming that Western civilization brought "reason, science, self-reliance, individualism, ambition, and productive achievement" to a people who were based in "primitivism, mysticism, and collectivism", and to a land that was “sparsely inhabited, unused, and underdeveloped..."


That list of how Europeans did it better, I emboldened there, sans the criticism of 'collectivism.' is pretty much in theory the same as what I learned in college about why it all had to be done to follow theory. I objected strongly in my all white class taught by the YSA. It didn't sit well with me, that genocide is okay for the greater good. Later, I left the SWP in the seventies when they started talking about they would be the 'ruling elite' when the revolution came.

Overthrowing the USA government was discussed for whatever was from both sides of the landscape and they appear to be playing pattycake with each other nowadays.

Ain't it all precious. It makes me feel all:

Before you rant about Comcast/Netflix issue being related to Net Neutrality, READ THIS

You really need to gain a basic understanding of what the problem is. Yes, everybody hates Comcast. Yes, nobody wants streaming times interrupted by buffering or not being able to stream.

the real issue isn't so much Comcast, but decade old peering agreements and dickish behavior from tier 1 providers like Cogent.

For more about this issue, what it means for Net Neutrality, and what the real solution is (hint, it ain't what the FCC is proposing currently), I suggest you read the following DailyKos diary:

Everyday Magic: A Complete Look at Comcast/Netflix/Net Neutrality

Everyday Magic translates the issue into common language far better than I would ever be capable of and he is completely accurate about the technological reasons why Comcast had no real choice but to throttle traffic. The key to know here is that throttling was from specific tier 1 providers and not specific to any single content provider, like Netflix. Comcast was backed into a corner by Cogent and had to act accordingly.


to MohRokTah


Netflix made a deal after another of the three branches of government, the SCOTUS, ruled against the FCC:


And this is what Netflix got for their deal:


Wheeler will fight to put rules back in place after SCOTUS ruled against the FCC. It's not going to go our way without a fight, and less Libertarians and GOP making appointees to the FCC.

Bush's FCC Chairman Michael Powell screamed, 'The Free Market is My GOD!!' Yes, he said that, so we know where he got his ideology from. In spite of hearings nationally protesting his changes, he went with that and not the people. His tenure was devastating.

Franken still working hard on net neutrality last week:


The tide is turning. Honesty is required from all players.

ANONYMOUS weighs in:

See how much support that will garner...

Whoa, look at that rating:

Good debunk that won't make any headway, since the Fauxsers know best.

Of course Rand Paul always looks good to some, too.

Meanwhile, in Colorado... SSDD...


And earlier in the Eastern USA:

And Koch money behind all of it. Remember how Charles Koch crawled out from his rock to confront Harry Reid for calling out the GOP doing the bidding of the Koch brothers, with links and everything.

Now the media went off those facts so damaging to them, unless they were never on it in the first place, and this happens, and in Harry's state. Also there have been death threats made against Reid.

This is brownshirt facism on steroids, fueled by the social and network media that these people live by. And it's national.

Yup. If everyone was armed, no crime. All shootings will be self-defense. The last one standing...

The one with the best aim and the fastest aim, will live to tell the tale. In that legal system, shoot outs are okay. Ambushes are frowned upon but only if they don't work. And the news *must be lying,* since *no one* killed themselves with their gun in the old western movies, did they?

That would show that he was a coward and didn't *stand his ground* with himself like he *should.* Which is where these guys got their ideas of how to govern the place.

And for sure those were all *private* emergency vehicles, since *public* ones cost taxes, and that's *tyranny.* Somalia and other Libertarian paradises is what is being enacted here. And they were cheering the 2012 GOP debates that anyone without means should die, because it's *socialism* to support being a Good Samaritarian.

This is the road to tribalism, which is only tyranny *if* you aren't as ruthless and heavily armed as criminal gangs, warlords and the filthy rich with their paid security. Not like any of us didn't see this coming:

Rand Paul feels safe, he has his own private security...

Despite my feeble attempt at above, I feel bad for the honest people working and trying to do their jobs and support their families in that area. But for this guy and those who promote this, none at all.

It's a fearful thing when we consider what the next generation will living with, since the propaganda is so pervasive that the Koch ALEC agenda is the only thing being heard and it stifles everyone's ability to call for a return to sanity. This is going to get a lot worse before anyone in that area dares to speak against the NRA, ALEC lobby.

After a while, *no one* will speak up for the freedom to work and live without a constant threat of violence. They will, like millions in history before them, *adapt* to hunkering down and do as the local demagogue tell them to live. The Paultaliban will be firmly in place.

This is what is expected in oligarchies where *Might Makes Right.* The majority will submit to this. They have no choice because they can't afford to resist and will live at the leisure of those with more wealth, as the government will bow out and let them. After all, that is their *2A solution,* that the citizens voted in.

Ironic it was all in the name of *freedom and liberty.* We've lost the ability to govern ourselves, obviously.

And free floating paranoia (er, tumbleweeds). Best comment on KOS, IMO:

The US strategy makes sense, in that respect:

We want to defend MURICA!

BLM: We're just trying to do our job.

Bundies: Just itchin' to shoot me a government agent!


Bundies: Gonna put the women and children up front so they get shot first on teevee!

BLM: You guys are crazy.

Bundies: You govment folk just try us!

BLM: Screw this, it's hot and we're not getting paid enough to deal with asylum escapees.

(They leave.)

Two weeks later...

They're gonna come and attack us any day now.  

Aaaaaany day now.

(tumbleweeds float by)

Aaaaaany day now.

by catwho on Mon Apr 28, 2014 at 09:44:04 AM PDT
[ Parent ] 

Oh, this is good! Like election night 2012 hysteria. TEOTWAWKI wackery. I found his source:

Warning: Major Woo.

But funny, too, this is what they think, since they have all these unnamed sources. That video was made over half a year before the apocalyptic warnings by Beck and others if Obama was elected again...

Thanks, Magistrate for catching that one. The site is disgusting...


That page left out the Koch brothers who are worth more than any cited.

Any wonder why that is?

Not like the Koches aren't familiar with fascism, and all of that rot.

Two of the seven thought it was okay?

What's next, Stormfront links at DU?

This from a clown who supports personhood bills, a national RTW law and other regressions.

GTH, Rand and take your enabling friends with you. Mind you, this clown voted for the nation to default last year:

Rand Paul says default can be 'framed as a reasonable idea' and Tom Coburn wants to default to face a 'managed catastrophe.'





If we don't shut down this clown in 2016, he'll enforce all of the Koch brothers LIbertarian platform on us:




And the apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree:


There is so much more that is wrong about this guy. If nothing else, remember he is a Koch lackey and wants to enact ALEC laws across the USA and at the federal level to steal everthing and many of us will have no way to live.

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