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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
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Depends on who's got their finger on the button. We don't have Romney with the Bush crew scheming,

and don't have John MdCain singing 'Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran' imitating the Beach Boys song to his sponsors:

This guy didn't like that...

And he's not interested in war with Russia or anyone else:

Not even Syria, as I recall:

The kind of war people imagine would not be worthwhile for us, Russia, China or the world. Some RWNJs believe they can bring Jesus back with a nuclear war. Best to keep the reins of power from their ands. Thanks and see you later.

A succinct and scientific explanation, that! But men don't believe it. No, they really don't...

Men believe babies are delivered by storks, thus they are not in any way responsible to pay for them. There's a reason they believe this:

Where did the “delivery stork” myth originate?

...Some believed that a stork could cause a woman to become pregnant just by looking at her. (!)

Storks are migratory, which means they could technically be delivery babies from some far away, mystical land.

The souls of unborn children were once believed to live in marshes, wells, springs and ponds - all areas also coincidentally frequented by storks. The birds were said to fetch the babies’ souls during their migratory flights and deliver them to their expectant parents...

White storks measure 40 to 50 inches tall with a wingspan of 61 to 70 inches and weigh between 5 and 10 pounds - potentially large enough to at least imagine carrying an infant...


They don't trust any woman about this issue, because as you can see, the storks did it. All births are by immaculate conception. See, still not their responsiblity.

The USA and Russia have never fought each other directly, only by proxy. Too dangerous.

Although I get your point...


Literal incarnation of the Pigs running Animal Farm. Guess who goes to the glue factory? n/t

Nothing GOOD that Obama has done has EVER been reported since Day One in 2009.

We see the results daily, not just in November. The relentless media drive to depress the voting base of Democrats to get them to NOT VOTE and riling up the rightwingers TO VOTE is every day of the week, every week of the year and it takes its toll.

This entire country has been in permanent election mode since the Nixon era. The GOP knows this and their media issues their line of thinking in every venue daily. There is no opposing voice in conservative owned venues, no matter if they throw us a few liberal pundits in to appear fair. And they are increasing their control of media worldwide.

National elections are not all there is, as D.C. is full of people from the red and blue states that have fallen to talk radio, television and cable stations and other organs of propaganda.

They're NOT giving people the tools they need to fight the lies of the GOP and RWNJs. They daily give them more ground. Why don't we admit it on DU and elsewhere that the battle is not just after primaries are done, when the proof is right in front our faces as we report the RW lies?


In 2010, after death threats and the Koch brothers Tea Party being full coverage all year long, look what they failed to report on:

The truth about the ACA, from 2010! What media refused to show!

President Obama Makes Surprise Call To Gail O'Brien

Uploaded on Sep 22, 2010

President Obama made a surprise call yesterday to Gail O'Brien, a woman in Keene, NH, who is benefiting from the Affordable Care Act, which was passed six months ago today. Gail was previously uninsured and diagnosed with high grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Thanks to the new law, Gail now has insurance through the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan that will pay for her treatments, and she is responding very well.

That was September 2010 before the midterms. Want to talk about conspiracy? What was on the air the entire year?

The Tea Party and their astroturf protests about the horrors of the ACA and Death Panels, etc. is what all the cable networks went with instead of telling the truth, giving Americans some information they could use.

The 2010 elections were a set up from the Koch brothers to lie about the ACA, fast track Keystone and keep the Bush tax cuts. That led to the Sequester and all the rest. And we are still fighting the lies about Obama and Obamacare after all of this time.


Excellent examples. And regarding Noam Chomsky about the condition of many women in the world:

Noam Chomsky finally talks about women's issues


Chris Hedges went further:

Red Queen, I hope that you don't consider this a diversion, but we've already seen this OP was juried and trolled by 'name removed.' But this tweet made a connection:

Anyone claiming the media and other forces are not promoting a rape culture from many venues, from Duck Dynasty, Ted Nugent, politicians and pundits, video games, music, books like The Handmaiden's Tale, Shades of Grey, are in denial. They repeat the meme that it's all good since people find it entertaining and fun, will never ever 'get it.'

By denial, they are making the world less safe, not just for adult women, but men, and children, both male and female.

I am adding this for your thread, but will not answer all comments, if there are any, I'm putting it here for a reference. Most women will not complain here because of the backlash they know is coming. These subjects have been dissed for years at DU which disappoints many lurkers and members.

You and I have both seen what the arguments will be. Sorry, I don't have time to try to get people to show respect to others who won't drop their sense of entitlement to disrespect others. It's a circular argument, thus hopeless.

But this and many of your other threads, seek to enlighten those with open minds and hearts. I just want you to know that many of us do appreciate you keeping at it, despite the abuse, Red Queen.


Former Army buddy testifies that soldier admitted he killed pregnant wife:

...Testimony in pretrial hearings showed the Army was delayed in bringing charges because the military’s autopsy failed to identify a cause of death for Deirdre Aguigui.

Last year, a Georgia state medical examiner reviewed the case and gave a second opinion, saying she must have been choked or suffocated because every other potential cause could be ruled out. He noted marks on her wrists indicated she struggled violently as her hands were cuffed behind her back.

Aguigui’s friend Michael Schaefer testified that Aguigui at first told him his wife died from a blood clot. About a month later, after they had been up all night using cocaine, they got into an argument. Schaefer said he asked his friend point-blank what really happened to his wife.

“He told me he had strangled her with a bag,” Schaefer said. “He handcuffed her, put a bag over her head and strangled her” while also sexually assaulting her.

More details at the link:


A particularly brutal murder.

2012 picture after arrest and as a page at the 2008 GOP convention:

Picture from a thread by kpete:


Yes, they found their ticket for 2016:

Curiouser and curiouser!

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