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freshwest's Journal
freshwest's Journal
October 31, 2014

We have a winner! The stakes are higher than ad dollars. The country we live in is up for grabs.

Our vote is much more powerful than money can ever be. The fastest way to oppress a people is to get them to believe it doesn't matter. Because electoral victories such as FDR, JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obama overcame their dollars.

Ever notice how the most obnoxious, GOPandering network people are related by either blood, marriage, fraternity or through other associations?

They never get fired. Todd will be on the air until they can kick him upstairs. These mouthpieces can always get a job. Nepotism, favoritism, whatever one wants to call it. Their work isn't to tell the news or to inform us:

October 31, 2014

Make it so, Kentucky!

October 30, 2014

I go to intent. They aren't cowardly. They aren't feckless. They are paid:

Venality is a vice associated with being bribeable or of selling one's services or power, especially when one should act justly instead. In its most recognizable form, dishonesty, venality causes people to lie and steal for their personal advantage, and is related to bribery and nepotism, among other vices.

Venality in its mild form is a vice notable especially among those with government or military careers. In these fields, one is supposed to act with justice and honor and not accept bribes. That ensures that the organization is not susceptible to self-interested parties.

The Oxford English Dictionary[1] defines it as:

1. The quality or fact of being for sale.
2. The quality of being venal; readiness to give support or favour in return for profit or reward; prostitution of talents or principles for mercenary considerations.

In contrast to the previous interpretation, dishonesty is not specifically expressed in the literal meaning, but is often implied. The condition of failing to act justly is not a literal component of the word's meaning either. By definition, committing "venal" acts does not indicate "stealing" or "lying", but rather suggests a consensual arrangement, perhaps without conscience or regard for consequences, but is not synonymous with stealing. While bribery could be related, nepotism clearly has no literal similarity or correlation with venality. Though venality is generally used as a pejorative term, an individual or entity could be venal (or mercenary) and not be corrupt or unethical. One could perform one's duties or job in a perfunctory manner in order to collect a wage or payment, or prostitute one's time or skills for monetary or material gain, without necessarily being dishonest.

Much contemporary use of the words venal or venality is applied to modern professional athletes, particularly baseball, basketball, American football, and soccer players all around the world. The implication being that the highly paid players are essentially "hired guns" with no allegiance to any team or city, and are motivated solely by the acquisition of material wealth.

For people to accept settlements and legislation, the acts of the government must be seen as just. This perception enhances the legitimacy of the government. Venality is a term often used with reference to pre-revolutionary France, where it describes the then-widespread practice of selling administrative positions within the government to the highest bidder, especially regarding the Nobles of the Robe.

Thus, for example, venality was a charge for which, in part, Danton and others were executed during the Terror.

Several so-called Reality TV programs have been criticized for their promotion of venal behavior; specifically Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?, in which fifty women competed to marry a presumed multi-millionaire who was shown only in silhouette. The premise that the contestants would compete to marry an unseen stranger for no other reason than his wealth would be an example of venality.

"Venality" used in a pejorative but accurate sense, is used when describing apparent acts of care with an ulterior mercenary motive. An example is where one of a number of children seeks to care for his or her elderly parents, outwardly presenting compassion, but at the same time securing for himself or herself, access to and ultimate control of a greater share of income and assets than such person would be entitled to on a pro-rata distribution.


The media enjoys one of the powerful positions in our country as defined by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. It has the power to influence voters to do good and bad things, and for many years they have been very bad ones that benefit the 1%.

We no longer have public media nor an obligation imposed on them to insure they are fair and honest. They deny us facts and give us fiction and lead us to act increasingly in anti-social ways. In my opinion, they are more dangerous than any other group in society.

Since the most powerful are now in the hands of a few right wing plutocrats, they only promote their interests, not the truth in any matter. Even advertisements are designed to keep us in a mindset that is against good outcomes.

What people do not realize when they refuse to vote, is that they are complicit in the process. Our vote is what they fear the most and our government is what they fear the most, so they are destroying it like termites, from the ground up. People don't understood how powerful as individuals they are when they vote, how they could change lives. The stakes are high which is why media is paid billions to influence us.

The whole country is on the auction block with every single election all year long and each word from media is to influence us. I have been paying attention to the media and its effects on the feelings and thinking processes it engenders. The farther we have gotten away from the public sphere and public good in media, the worse we have become as a nation. Media is the major medium for forming beliefs and directing behavior.

October 30, 2014

We already know his agenda, don't we?

We favor the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid programs.

We oppose any compulsory insurance or tax-supported plan to provide health services, including those which finance abortion services.

We also favor the deregulation of the medical insurance industry.

We favor the repeal of the fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, and increasingly oppressive Social Security system. Pending that repeal, participation in Social Security should be made voluntary.


Issa's worked on the USPS. Others have been elected to carry through the rest. The GOP is going to do their job for Charles Koch and the Libertarian agenda. Our ignorance of their goals allow them to do this. They have been more overt in showing their intentions in all the states, meeting with governors like Scott, Walker, Perry, et al, who are selling off public assets to them as in the list. Meanwhile, the public keeps its mind on whatever the Koch pals in the media wants us to think. When they have enough control, they'll take the gloves off and stop trying to convince us anymore. May even shut down most of the media and just leave us to face the cold hard facts.

October 30, 2014

There it is. You win the thread!

And prevent people such as:

Todd Kincannon, South Carolina’s biggest Republican troll, wants to execute anyone who has Ebola:

From doing so. Just think, they vote...

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