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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 53,661

Journal Archives

VIDEO from the link...

It led to many other videos.

DO NOT ELECT this man!

There's a thread on what GOP Brownback is doing in Kansas, organizing a revolt against the federal government to set up that theocracy.

But, but, but.. She's... uh, she's... a She!

Remarks by the President on Minimum Wage - COSTCO - Lanham, MD. January 29, 2014

President Obama talks to employees of COSTCO about his agenda the day after the SOTU.

EDIT to add link:

to Spitfire of ATJ


Enhanced Version of the SOTU Speech:

No need to click, and the light values are much better than previous versions.

Enjoy, BOGers.

And be sure to...

Okay, but on a more serious note...

In the fifties and sixties, no one ever crossed that line at school or church.

The Idiocracy, it burns!

Thanks Obama for going back in time and making the world safe for us kats an humanz!

Since you asked...

Obama now the Lord of Space and Time? But seriously...

It was R.J. Reynolds...

Signs of the immenient Twinkie Apocalypse:

Sorry, couldn't resist...

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