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freshwest's Journal
freshwest's Journal
August 31, 2013

Of course the IQ in the room will lower when Congress debates this. I'm stocked up, though:

This will be a defining moment for the nation. Let the people decide.

Let the deeds of Congress match their words no matter they decide. It's the American way, not what the Shrub did.

Kudos to Obama. And thank you for the fine pix.

August 31, 2013

No idea, but maybe this will make M$M dump Cheney and the rest of media war brigade.

This will be a defining moment for America. Let the people speak.

Put them on the record. Let them own it. I've got a box seat here at DU.

August 31, 2013

I remember that one. Same theme in THEY LIVE, and it goes into all the societal ramifications:

A rebel broadcaster says, 'We might be food, we might be pets...'

A collaborator says, 'We'll do anything to be rich... They're free enterprisers...'

There is longer version with the guy pleading with the heroes to go along. He truly reminds me of the Republicans in Congress:

I do wonder about this stuff at times. That and the aliens living in the Moon stuff. That's a favorite CT.

Microchips aren't needed as they have controlled our minds and human development on Earth for thousands of years, LOL!

On a brighter note, the Death Star (the Moon) is breaking down and we will soon be free!

Hey, I don't make this stuff up, you know. And it is on the internet, so it must be true!!!
August 31, 2013

And you know they're running back to GD highfiving each for 'sticking it to the man' like juveniles.

Or demanding the BOG be deleted along with the rest of us for daring to support a Democratic President on a website named Democratic Underground. Which has a TOS they agreed to when signing up that the mission of DU is get more Democrats elected.

August 31, 2013

I know that too, but the hero worship of whoever, makes sure it is forgotten.

It's also a plea to have some rich, slick and even personable person with power take care of all one's issues instantly. Real life doesn't work that way. These shows are merely entertainment, a diversion from going to the local level and finding out how things really work.

I see ridiculous bravado demanded from PBO and Demcrats that never work IRL, so I'm not buying the keyboard warrior bullying. It only shows they don't have what it takes.

Understand that the more deeply you hold your ideals, the more you are morally obligated to be pragmatic...

Idealism without pragmatism is just a way to flatter your ego.

~ Barney Frank

When I was less experienced, I hated the words pragmatism and compromise. I thought in the same childish terms I see bandied about here so proudly like 'sell out' and 'principles' etc.

Then my education in real life began, seeing I had to give a little or a lot, to keep people alive and well and that it was not about me winning anything. I lost a lot in my personal life, but I saw it as my duty. Nor was I paid.

Take the focus off oneself, keep one's eye on the prize, what is really worth fighting for such as life and healing, making it happen in whatever way WORKS, is what one has to do with their whole heart. If one cannot love others, one will not stay the course, despite the many arrows shot at one, the prize is lost.

It is wounding, but the bruises meet nothing in comparison to the goal. Someone's life was saved. Those who demand victory fast and without compromise, never learn to question themselves in face of well paid, well organized opposition.

As the saying goes, we learn much more about ourselves from our enemies than our friends. One most draw from one's depths to do what Obama and many Democrats I know have done for others. It defines who one truly is, teaches one's own shortcomings and strengths.

It is not sign of weakness, cowardice or selling out to get what you can to keep people alive. Those who are shallow think of pride and demand they get their way. THEIR way. That is not the prize, it is EGO.

I like the song by Garth Brooks, Shameless. It's a romantic song but it applies to other things in life. Love makes one bear the shame some will cast to scare one off and win, even if it's unjust. And it often is. Be shameless in doing what is right, let them slander and accuse. One just does the right thing, because one has to live with oneself.

Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

See you later...

August 31, 2013

Yes, I would not mind that. And the extremes of both 'sides' have merged.

If I wanted to hear a lot of grunts and squeals, I'd go and watch pig wrestliing.

It is NOT discussion, there is nothing to be learned from fact free, incendiary, calling the pack to the kill threads and posts.

It's the RW echo chamber complete with the same memees at Freeperville. It's all 'yuh, bubba, we got 'em now, uh, huh, yup!'

And all they have is the sand in their hands falling through their fingers.

August 31, 2013

Nope. Two on Gohmert, Sarah's quotes used as posts and OP, an OP with Sarah's view on Syria...

Which was agreed with! And the usual Infowars stuff. Plus two OPs citing World Nut Daily. One was hidden.

A vitriolic post slandering Kerry's Vietnam service, not even in the hate Kerry OP. All rec'd and cheered.

Yup, very knee jerk and thoughtless Also to poison the waters in advance, if anyone doesn't agree, they are nowm instead of authoritarian, fascist, etc. a new word.

The new insult du jour: 'reactionary.'

That's why I'm grateful for this group, and don't care about the forums now. A person's IQ drops there.

It's so 'reactionary,' LOL!

August 31, 2013

The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom


Streamed live on Aug 28, 2013

President Obama is joined by President Jimmy Carter and President Bill Clinton, members of the King family and other civil rights leaders and luminaries at the Let Freedom Ring Commemoration and Call to Action event at the Lincoln Memorial, to commemorate Dr. King's soaring speech and the 1963 March on Washington

Pardon me if this has been posted already. I didn't see it here. This was posted on The White House channel.


August 31, 2013

When I see some of the attacks from both sides of the aisle, I remember Lao Tze:

Those who know do not tell; those who tell do not know.

Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.

Wise men don't need to prove their point. Men who need to prove their point aren't wise.

If you overesteem great men, people become powerless.

And this in particular:

A leader is best when people barely know that he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worst when they despise him. Fail to honor people, They fail to honor you. But of a good leader, who talks little, when his work is done, his aims fulfilled, they will all say, "We did this ourselves."

I've seen a lot of abuse heaped on Obama. He would offer those who were against him, what they seemed to want as a peace offering, so they could not complain later in a just manner.

Then his 'own' side turned on him viciously, inciting so much hatred that the 'other' side heard them.

Then both sides joined to oppose that which he did not want to begin with, made him the bad guy. And the bad thing did not happen because people of both sides found common ground.

And both sides claimed victory, over him and the evil idea. Then they said,

"We did this ourselves."

Yes, they did it themselves from both sides, seeing what it was. He laid it out for them to choose. He didn't, like the wise man, need to prove his point or win their praise.

The goal is to make life better for all, not a victory for only half of the people. This is what justice, compassion and equality require for peace.

I read Lao Tze everyday during my teens, so these words percolate up from time to time. I googled to get the exact words for you.

Thanks for the thread.

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