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freshwest's Journal
freshwest's Journal
May 1, 2013

Sorry to hear that... Sabotage was a thought I had too, unfortunately. Either mechanical with tying

down, or something more like a EMF (though improbable), some kind of jamming or hacking. IDK what the capabilities of those who would deliberately bring the plane down are. At any rate, very bad and still, it looked as if the pilot did a good job, just overcome by the accident.

May 1, 2013

Thanks, I was just going to ask what changed the angle of ascent - I'm amazed anyone survived.

Wouldn't cargo be tied down to prevent it or was it pilot error?

I'm not minimizing how awful this is, just trying to figure out with the many thousands of planes that take off that this happened.

Did it look to you as if the pilot had gotten control again, just not fast enough to try to ascend again to prevent the crash?

This had to have been terrifying for everyone in the plane. And I'm still amazed anyone could survive that inferno.

Their poor families.

April 30, 2013

Man Who Trashed Alex Jones Infowars Dan Bidondi. 'It's Westboro Baptist Church Of Journalism.'

Published on Apr 30, 2013

The Boston man behind a viral video featuring him berating a reporter for Alex Jones' conspiracy theory website InfoWars appears on MSNBC with Martin Bashir on Tuesday where he clarified and expanded on his animus towards the website and its employees. The Boston-based video maker said that InfoWars had become the "Westboro Baptist Church of journalism," suggesting the site exists to be provocative and to agitate Americans already grieving in the wake of tragic events.

RELATED: 'You Son Of A B*tch': Furious Boston Man Confronts 'A**hole' Alex Jones Reporter Over 'False Flag' Allegations

Roger Nicholson, the man behind the camera in this viral video hurling a series of angry expletives at an InfoWars camera man who claims to have the images which prove the FBI orchestrated the April 15 attack on the Boston Marathon, joined Bashir on Friday to continue his anti-InfoWars crusade.

Nicholson told Bashir that he was frustrated by the reporter who had been "hijacking" a series of press conferences held by law enforcement in the wake of the Boston attacks.

"I had a dear friend of mine who was at the Marathon when the bomb went off," Nicholson said. "I was very affected by her -- what she had experienced."

"I just felt very angry that InfoWars came to my town to start making show material," he added.

"To me, the InfoWars -- whatever that show is -- has become the Westboro Baptist Church of Journalism," Nicholson declared. "I think these people are un-American, and unpatriotic, and they're hysterics."

Bashir asked if there was anything that Nicholson would like to say to Alex Jones. Nicholson said Jones was the equivalent of the "David Koresh of broadcasting," referring to the leader of the Branch Dividian cult.

April 29, 2013

4REALZ? Latest version with those puffy cheeks and shaved heads. Sorry, still disgusting!!!

to the googolplex...

Got the dry heaves now, quit...

*steals pic for later use, though*

April 29, 2013

Not amateurs. They're a franchise of Infowars. Making money off their Revolution©...

Some of their youtube videos now offer a variety of 'business opportunities' for making videos for Infowars, selling water filters, bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc. These little fucks are playing at becoming 'enterpreneurs.' Sick bastards who will hurt anyone anywhere for a buck. They are the WBC of the CT world now, the more outrageous the better for $$$.

April 29, 2013

At last, the Light of Truth© !!111!!1!!

And they refuse to admit how they are dancing with glee over the dead and maimed, tearing out the hearts of their friends and families for their selfish ends. Other than that, it'd be somewhat comical.

April 29, 2013

These are the Ron Paul supporters. They overlooked a lot of reality and completely ignored critical

thinking as Alex Jones crooned over Ron Paul every single day on the air.

Along with the head of the John Birch Society, and a few token anti-war people. I did listen to him for a looong time trying to figure out the Zeitgeist beliefs, as did a lot of Democrats n the Bush years.

People made their choice to go libertarian, GOP or stay Democrats in 2008 because they couldn't stand Obama, or felt their new cult was much more comfortable. The Paulbots are zealots who give lipservice to anything but their own narrow version of civil rights, but largely Birchers at heart.

At this time they are at loose ends after the predictable shafting Ron Paul gave them, since he was GOP, and are prowling around looking to ratfuck the Democratic Party to peel off members into joining them, just as they did in 2008. In whatever brand name they come up with yet, but still GOP and Koch in results.

They are fascists who follow the classic model set out by FDR's VP. Our party's weakness is that we really do believe in giving all voices a space - they don't. It may require some rough talk as this man in Boston did to define what is not right about these demagogues and their followers who are promoting this stuff.

We don't have to shut them down and we won't, since we have seen how ugly their ways are when the Teahadists went after all the Town Halls and spread their lies, hate and made threats against Democrats, which they still do to this day.

Let them sound like the mouth breathing brainwashed tools of the Koch brothers that they really are, come face to face with those who do know what liberty and freedom is, what community is, as explained in Will Pitt's OP. He lays it out in the strongest terms that might wake some up. I consider it to be best answer to all of this:

Random Notes from the Police State by Will Pitt



April 29, 2013

Note how the RW nutnik ran out of words in the real world. The CTers are just like Fox viewers,

or those who listen to Rush. It is very comforting to these mental children, who love these men who talk down to them, needing a father figure. All fascists use that technique. The Jim Jones reference was perfect.

They have these canned voices repeating in their heads, but ask them to analyze with an open mind, or respond to anything outside the Infowars box, back up, does not compute! Since it doesn't match their slogans, they lose it just like this clown did and feel they are being put upon by (insert tedious and misinformed insult here).

Their belief system is built on media repetition without any reflection on The Truth© they feed into their heads every day to maintain the illusion. So they run back home to daddy every single day.

They are the very Sheeple© they love to call everyone they think hasn't been initiated into the esoteric knowledge, or as they say, The Truth© and aren't part of their Cult. Some of us have gone down the rabbit hole, but still remain unconverted and won't give their heroes applause, and that makes them go wild.

Good thing he brought the lady to stand up for him when he couldn't answer the questions. Oh, boo hoo, he was just sooo mistreated after he made a mockery of the dead and wounded to make a buck on the air for the Infowars traveling road circus.

Next they'll protest at funerals like the Westboro Baptist Church for more attention! There's a line they have crossed both in Newtown and Boston, saying those people aren't dead or wounded, or actors, or just using it to stoke up more fear, which pays big bucks.

Check the link to the video in the OP to see their video replies, with claims of false amputations. One might wonder what would Carlos Arredondo say to them if he lowered himself to their level, but I doubt he will.

Until I see these folks show any compassion or interest in anything but their version of rights, or making this country work, and stop twisting reality to fit their narrative, I say,
and Liberty© my ass.

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