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No problemo! There's a ready-made group who shares his vision, strangely enough. Or most of it:


That's popular these days, is it not?

She's only addressing you if you fit in one of these categories:

Do you eschew 'backward right-wing politics?'

If not, the OP does not apply to you.

Do you 'hate the black guy in the White House and anything that he proposes?'

If not, the OP does not apply to you.

Do you possess or promote a 'fetishistic embrace of guns, hostility to women’s rights, Islamophobia, symbolic and overt racism?'

If not, the OP does not apply to you.

Going after rightwingers is a cherished passtime at DU so you should be excluded from feeling you are being singled out. No one is going to make an issue of your self-definition of a white male.

It's not a crime, nor is anyone blaming you for an accidental of birth into a demographic society calls 'white' and 'male.' You could be gay and still be born a white male.

There is no privilege in being born a minority. Aas far as being a 'friend' of anyone here, that is a word of encouragement from a member of the 'white race,' and not an insult to most white men.

I am a white female, and nothing on this board offends me because of my personal race and gender. In fact, I refer to myself as a CCWP (card carrying white person). You may call me that, because I am not ashamed of it.

Please, and I mean this in love, just think about who you really are, not what you fear is being said about you personally, so you won't be offended.

Rand and his ilk have been smacked down on this and personhood bills everytime by PBO.

He would have stopped this, too. We must ensure one of our good candidates is in the Oval Office in January 2017.

The GOP set their Social Security timebomb to go off right after the 2016 election. If they don't take the White House, they will not be allowed to do it.

If they get in, there won't be any human rights left and SS and other things will be a distant memory. And they'll have restricted the vote so much a lot of people won't be able to vote.

They've been telegraphing their intentions for years and now are ramping it up. They want the same ALEC laws they've pushed through red states to be national. They'll redefine Constitutional amendment to set up fiefdoms.

Read the Koch brothers agenda to see what they are being paid to do. They have achieved most of their agenda through media and are on the home stretch.

First link, lot of video and text:

Reid: Why The Kochs Are Dangerous For America


This one from Sanders shows the list. Take a look to see how close they are to the end:

BERNIE SANDERS Uncovers 1980 Koch Agenda- "What Do the Koch Brothers Want?"


Same people who think this is cool?

Not to annoy, but it appears the Obamas and Hillary are not at odds in these pictures:

P. S. I had hostile feelings about Clinton from the 2008 election. Even in the midst of Rush's well known strategy called Operation Chaos 2008, where he and those like him on the right actively sought to stir up hatred between Democrats, I didn't like her. It was her alleged supporters who did her in for me. Operation Chaos has been announced for 2016 as well. These are GOP operations used because they do effect Democratic voting patterns by causing them not to vote.

Republicans Should Help Bernie Sanders to Weaken Hillary

by Myra Adams June 25, 2015

...Limbaugh’s efforts prompted a May 8, 2008, Washington Post headline: “Did Rush Limbaugh Tilt Result in Indiana?” Clinton had just narrowly won the Indiana primary, and Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” intervention was also deemed successful in several other states where registered voters were able to “cross over” and cast their votes in either party’s primary.

Limbaugh’s rationale was that if Clinton were to win the Democrats’ 2008 presidential nomination, she would be a weaker general-election candidate than Obama — so from February to May, Limbaugh hopped on Clinton’s bandwagon.

Later in the May 8 piece, the Washington Post reported: “But Limbaugh called off the operation yesterday, saying he wants Obama to be the party’s pick, because ‘I now believe he would be the weakest of the Democrat nominees.’”

Obviously, Limbaugh’s “strategery” (a favorite word of his) did not turn out as planned, but his interventionist reasoning should be revived and adapted for the early stages of the 2016 campaign...


the link has details on how they used that technique. But they could not defeat Obama in 2008 or 2012 with them. PBO is the greatest president since FDR, who also faced great challenges as president.

That is NOT calling DUers GOP. It is evidence that the media will be playing these games that have worked for them since Nixon's second term. We've been on the ropes and divided ever since, just as intended.

Operation Chaos 2016 is the GOP's official scheme. It's used to divide Democrats to help the GOP:

Republicans Should Help Bernie Sanders to Weaken Hillary

by Myra Adams June 25, 2015 4:00 AM

...This is a call to action for every Republican anxious to win back the White House in 2016.
Bernie Sanders, the socialist U.S. senator from Vermont, is now surging in his quest to win the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. He is attracting media attention and large crowds, and is invigorated by a New Hampshire–primary poll showing him only 10 points behind frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

After a GOP power player sent me a piece from left-leaning Salon headlined “Hillary Clinton is going to lose: She doesn’t even see the frustrated progressive wave that will nominate Bernie Sanders,” my heart went pitter-patter, beginning to sense an opportunity.

But it was not until I saw a headline in The Hill warning that the “Sanders surge is becoming a bigger problem for Clinton,” accompanied by “It may be time for Hillary Clinton to take the challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders more seriously,” that I was truly motivated to join Team Bernie and rally my fellow Republicans to do the same.

So I sent Bernie a donation and visited his campaign store, where my favorite bumper sticker was Vote for Bernie... you know you wanna!

Now, I don’t really wanna, and neither do you. However, supporting Bernie in the early stages of his campaign is a noble cause that makes a great deal of political sense and emboldens me to announce Operation Chaos 2016...


In the article, she remarks on the former efforts to do the same thing every two years since 2008. Bernie does not want a rightwing GOP in the White House.

BSers must purge aggressive 'supporters' for the good of the nation. They may vote for him now, but will not in the general. I believe they are here to set us against each other. We should not fall for it. I don't care who wins the primary because I'm going to vote for the winner. I have always loved Bernie, don't want his ideals dismissed if he faulters or fails.

When we were training and organizing mobilizations against the Vietnam War, we had to be alert for those who trying to discredit our ideals and our cause. Usually these were the ones who were aggressive and spoiling for a fight. We called them agent provocateurs, and that is what they were.

This is what I see online with the language being used against a Democrat. Easy to attack all of the Democrats if one isn't one. They don't believe what they are saying, just grab whatever media meme is available and are unable to give replies that aren't abusive in nature, because they don't respect us or our causes.

The quality of supporters does affect voting patterns. I was never interested in Hillary back in 2007 and 2008, even though I knew she was the victim of rightwing propaganda for years. When the PUMAs began their routine, it left a bitter taste and distrust I had a hard time overcoming. This is how I now feel about BS. It is not his fault. We're being RF'd from many sides. This election is a crucial one. The Koch brothers say they must win it and are going all out to do so. We are in a dangerous place right now. This is who Bernie is really trying to stop from taking over completely.

I don't like baggers or people who act like them. I can't believe some of this type would not be in positions of power. I don't wish to be under anyone's thumb. I've had enough of that to last a lifetime.

Well, Obama supporters have heard it all. SSDD. Same sources. We know the routine. Ugh.

Yes, I noticed that, too! But...

Number 23!

So Moore's is a false story? Or biased? Pilots once had 'free' military training, but not now:

It's Truly Terrifying That Some Pilots Earn Near Minimum Wage

By Emily Cohn - 02/12/2014

The next time you're flying in an airplane consider this: The person operating the aircraft might not be making much more than the person who made the Egg McMuffin you ate for breakfast.

That's right. According to the Wall Street Journal, new airline pilots rank among the lowest-paid workers in the country, with some regional pilots earning as little as $15,000 per year.

That's horrifying for a number of obvious reasons. For one, $15,000 -- or even $22,400 a year, the starting salary for pilots at 14 regional airlines -- is lower than the federal poverty line for a family of four in the U.S.

It's also startling because of the extraordinary price of becoming a pilot in the first place. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, airline pilots usually need a bachelor's degree, a pilot's license, and certification that requires hundreds of hours of flight training. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the cost of training flights alone can set you back more than $100,000...

More at the link:


'Flying Cheap': Buckle up, indeed

By Hank Stuever - February 9, 2010

Anyone who regularly travels to the less glamorous American cities knows what happens after a layover in the hub: Your ticket may say Delta or United or Continental, but that's not exactly true now, is it? For the last leg, to, say, Wichita, you're flying Colgan, Pinnacle -- who? Hunh?

Buckle up and enjoy a renewed sense of doom from watching -- what else? -- the always grim but journalistically committed "Frontline." In Tuesday night's installment, "Flying Cheap," producer Rick Young and aviation correspondent Miles O'Brien examine the unsavory business practices and regulation-skirting circumstances that may have led to the crash a year ago of Continental Flight 3407 in Buffalo, which killed 50 people. The flying had been outsourced to Manassas-based Colgan Air. (Results of a National Transportation Safety Board investigation last week blamed pilot error in the crash.)

"Frontline" almost never fails to make its case, but it seems fairly easy to make here, through interviews with former pilots, Federal Aviation Administration investigators and grieving relatives of those who died on Flight 3407. Cockpit transcripts reveal two underpaid, unexperienced pilots yawning and complaining about their grueling commutes. They lost control of their plane just a month after the nation had been celebrating the cool, experienced reserve shown by Chesley Sullenberger, who successfully landed his disabled US Airways jetliner in the Hudson River with no casualties. The difference? A captain like Sully is expensive.

That cheap ticket you found online is the byproduct of deregulation in the extreme, which allows major carriers to transfer to smaller carriers the high-cost (and all liabilities) of what once might have been a costlier, premium flight. According to "Frontline," half of all domestic flights are now handled by smaller carriers, no matter what the brand-name logo on the plane's tail might suggest. And, as it happens, the last six fatal crashes in the United States involved commuter flights.

For these carriers to turn a profit, "Frontline" reports, rookie pilots are pushed into the captain's (or first officer's) seats, and poorly paid. Although this isn't exactly news, "Flying Cheap's" most fascinating moments are when the cameras accompany an unidentified group of pilots into their "crash pad" -- a two-bedroom, airport-proximate apartment in an unnamed Northeastern city where as many as a dozen pilots split the rent. Forced to commute cross-country and then fly, some earn as little as $16,000 a year to start...

More at the link:


I remember when airline travel was really good. At times, not so good. I've been on flights with a lot of room, others like sardine cans. I remember getting on a special with American Airlines in the summer. So many flights were lined up, that we were left on the tarmack which was over 100 degrees for almost two hours with no water, drinks or A/C. I never took a special again, as my kid nearly had a heat stroke. They have really cut expenses with de-regulation.

The ability to laugh about one's self/beliefs is good. 'Don't believe everything you think.' n/t

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