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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
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I think I've seen that before:

In the photospread at this link, see a 'professional Christian' displaying a large Psalm 139: 13-14.

He's part of that brand they've taken nationwide, using all kinds of media to push their version of Christianity. One that even supported the use of torture during the Bush era, discrimination not allowed in the Constitution, etc.

Their 'consciences have been seared' as they equate Christian Nationalism with the message of love - but that is a lie. This brand has done a lot of damage and work closely with the CTers.

They indulge themselves in the magical notion that forcing Americans to live under the rules of the Old Testament, will save America from the 'coming wrath' when Jesus returns despite the oppression they support, vehemently condemned in that same Old Testament.

They are authoritarians, and only want to see the side of Jesus coming to punish those they don't like, while they position themselves as members of 'the winning team'. Another rotten fruit of Nixon and Reagan, the curse that keeps destroying the lives of future generations, and the highest American ideals.

Take a moment to look at the images in the slideshow at this link. Click on each image to see the next one appear:


It's also full of images of thousands of Democrats fighting on through the night galvanized by those who seek to oppress them. Note how many POC are there who are under attack from the repeal of the VRA and will organize to fight back.

They are not yawning, they are not asleep, they are awake and will be back. The GOP went overboard as this thread says:

The American Taliban has stirred up a HORNET'S NEST of Democracy in These United States


And did you see this clip?

In one image in the slideshow you can see the shock and murderous rage on their faces as they heard the voice of the future. In that same one, a GOP zealot cheers the passage of the bill - NOT!

I like what you wrote there:

We Will take the Stand~
Stand for Texas~ Stand for Women

Better than 'Stand with Rand,' who daily fights to end women's freedom to resist unreasonable searches and seizures of their bodies:


Unfortunately the thread was locked, as it didn't meet LBN standards. OP writer is new, maybe thought as 'breaking news' that it fit. I might make an OP out of it, but have to edit to not offend the several dozen Paulbots here.

Here's what Joethepleb posted there:

Old Lady arrested in Senate gallery for protesting abortion bills


Although he'd have been better off to go with the video title. What do you mean, calling her an 'old lady'? His heart is in the right place, I hope. People in Texas are not going to forget this, either.

But from the professional 'Police State' crowd, nothing but crickets. They don't have women's backs like Democrats.

Guess we'll have to do the work without their help, huh?

What brand was it?

FTR, altering gov't records is illegal: TX Penal Code Title 8, Chapter 37.10.

Per a reader comment from the Texas Observer article on this story. Which makes sense. It's a good read that came from the Business Insider link in Hissyspit's thread.

Live Blog: Senate Filibuster on Anti-Abortion Bill


That is last night's picture and the chamber looks much it did when I was there with my union during the Ann Richards era. We were always welcome to discuss things that would make the life of workers, women and minorities better.

We spoke with her on several different occasions and she would seek us out and shook our hands with enthusiasm and joy. God, I miss her. She was a sweetheart, a warm, good hearted woman like Davis.

Very proud of my Texas Democrats!

Will Medea deliver a Valentine to Wendy on this issue of personal freedom?

Oh, forget it, she 'Stands with Rand' who is trying to push through a federal version of the Texas bill. No help there.

What I'd give to see some of these heroes and heroines stand with the people losing the right to control their bodies from the Koch brothers and their ALEC fascism.

Animal Farm. All animals are created equal. But some animals are more equal than others. All your uteri are belong to us.

Politicub, here's a little bit about Fusion Politics:

Barack Obama and the History of Fusion Politics


Civil Rights Battle Reinvigorated--North Carolinians Say No to Return to "Jim Crow" Voting


Moral Mondays protest outside and inside NC General Assembly. (57 arrests this time)


Children to deliver petitions to McCrory's office ahead of 'Moral Monday'




Was reading my favorite patriot, Thomas Paine:

The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.

~ Thomas Paine

Emma Miller was also of the generation that produced these words:

It is not needed, nor fitting here [in discussing the Civil War] that a general argument should be made in favor of popular institutions; but there is one point, with its connections, not so hackneyed as most others, to which I ask a brief attention. It is the effect to place capital on an equal footing with, if not above, labor, in the structure of government. It is assumed that labor is available only in connection with capital; that nobody labors unless somebody else, owning capital, somehow by the use of it induces him to labor. This assumed, it is next considered whether it is best that capital shall hire laborers, and thus induce them to work by their own consent, or buy them, and drive them to it without their consent. Having proceeded thus far, it is naturally concluded that all laborers are either hired laborers or what we call slaves. And further, it is assumed that whoever is once a hired laborer is fixed in that condition for life.

Now, there is no such relation between capital and labor as assumed, nor is there any such thing as a free man being fixed for life in the condition of a hired laborer. Both these assumptions are false, and all inferences from them are groundless.

Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. Capital has its rights, which are as worthy of protection as any other rights.

~ Abraham Lincoln

Delivered in the Joint Session of Congress in 1861

As quoted by Alan Grayson here:


We're suffering the same thing as Lincoln delineated then. Capital has invaded our nation's Capitol.

Thanks for the history, Steve.

Yes, and he has many powerful Earthly friends, too:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry pitches a way to ‘win this country back’


Unfortunately, there is a pay wall there. So to read Governor Goodhair's remarks, I must take you to the conservative source:

Road to Majority a Success!


Which gives the Governor's words at their latest conservative orgy below.

Rick Perry to Conservatives: Be Humble, Courageous Like Jesus and Disciples

...Perry described some of the things he accomplished as governor of Texas by standing by his principles. He mentioned removing state funding for Planned Parenthood, a parental consent law for minors to be able to have an abortion, and a law that allows schoolchildren to wish each other a "merry Christmas or happy Hanukah, or whatever that might be."

Perry also advised his audience to be "happy warriors," and used the example of Ronald Reagan.

"I fear with [Reagan's] passing," Perry said, "we forgot that conversations should come with a smile. Love and joy ought to be our code. Our conviction and our passion should lead to compassion, not contempt or anger or fear mongering."


I have more on Rick in my journal. He's definitely on a 'Mission from God.' Just not as funny as the Blues Brothers...

It's Official - Texas Teapublicans LOSE, Texas Women WIN

TEXAS - SB5 is officially dead!!! The people win, thanks to State Senator Wendy Davis and her marathon filibuster. She is America's newest hero!!!

Texas republicans tried to cheat and say the vote took place before midnight, but everyone was watching and it was proven the vote took place 2 minutes after midnight. The vote didn't count and SB5, which would have closed almost all the abortion clinics in Texas FAILED.

Sign our card to Wendy:


From the Texas Democratic Facebook page.


The only thing I'd add in warning, is that Perry may call another special session. He vetoed of a bill for equal pay for women, believes Gawd commands him to end all abortion. Not over, but it is a great start.

Telling that Infowars never speaks up about women's reproductive rights, as AJ is anti-abortion.

Years ago, after listening to AJ rant on TSA groping, I tuned in, hoping to hear a rant as the GOP passed the law on transvaginal ultrasounds in TX. I had a faint hope the 'freedom and liberty' Libertarian crowd might stand up and protest this being mandated by the fascist government in TX:

Hey, don't like being groped at the airport? Try some real groping. Mandated for daring to ask for a legal procedure. You will be billed for it as well, despite your not wanting it to be done. There you go, little ladies, we know what's best for you.

'Just close your eyes and think of... Liberty? Freedom? Privacy rights?'

No fourth amendment for you, sweetie.

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. It was adopted as a response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, which is a type of general search warrant, in the American Revolution. Search and seizure (including arrest) should be limited in scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court, usually by a law enforcement officer, who has sworn by it. The Fourth Amendment applies to the states by way of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

(Paul Ryan has promised that the GOP will repeal the Fourteenth Amendment along with its clause for Equal Protection under the law and Birthright Citizenship, when they get enough red states to do it through state conventions. It's on a video thread posted at DU. I call it a 'clear and present danger' to life and liberty, because it's apparent in the 'hands on' fascism being enacted state by state by the GOP, that females need that old Fourteenth.)

But instead on the day I tuned in, he was cheering the Ron Paul GOP/Teas/Libertarians calling into his show who'd worked to pass the ultrasound bill and abortion restrictions in Oklahoma, urging them to get it passed in every state, just as ALEC and the fundies want. Fortunately, It was later ruled unConstitutional in OK.

And there's not a peep from him on this, perhaps he doesn't believe women have a right to protest what's being done to them, their rights to be 'secure in their own bodies,' doesn't matter?

And police grabbing a peaceful woman exercising her Constitutional right to be there, not interfering except for having a rebellious mind in public since 'you don't need no thought control' when hands will do the job, legally 'petitioning government to listen to their grievances' isn't going to be called 'oppression'?

Animal Farm. All animals are created equal. But some animals are more equal than others. All your uteri are belong to us.

I am heartened to read the words of DUers supporting the Democratic senator who did the filibuster in TX, posting the video and giving support for peaceful protestors on this cause.

Thank you all.

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