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He nailed it on all corners of the discussion. Thanks b.

Spy's gonna do what a spy's gotta do. Not always a bad thing:

My favorite whistleblower of all time. Just a working class hero who decided to answer the call to help the downtrodden. He was never given any media time for the obvious reasons. You never know what's going on until you get a good look through those sunglasses...

Got it at the store raw foodies frequent (can't afford it now) and they have chefs serving daily.

They hand out generous free samples and direct the customers where to buy things in bulk or produce.

They gave me over a third of a cup, and a dozen fresh blueberries as dessert. That's all you need to fill full, although the recipe makes a lot more.

I was full and completely satisfied as always by their little treats, another of those 'panza llena corazon contento' moments.

I discovered that at my favorite grocery store. One day they made a dish that I posted here:

I skip the mozzarella and add black olives.

Emmer Farro Caprese Salad

Step 1

1 cup emmer farro
3 cups water
1/2 teaspoon kosher or sea salt

Place farro, water and salt in a medium saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil, reduce to low, cover and simmer for 50 minutes. Drain excess water.

Step 2

2 cups cooked farro
2 tablespoons EVOO
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup chopped fresh shallot or onion
2 medium fresh tomatoes, diced
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
4 ounces fresh mozzarella, diced
1/2 teaspoon kosher or sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Place the warm, cooked farro in a large serving bowl and add oil and vinegar and mix well. Add shallot, tomato, basil, mozzarella, salt and pepper. Stir to combine. Flavors are best when served warm or at room temperature, but it can also be chilled and served cold.

(Recipe from Bluebird Grain Farms)

I've also begun adding balsamic vinegar in sauces in meat dishes I'm given. And using it when I don't have fresh squeezed lemon juice on my favorite simple salad:

Fresh Greens, Avocado and Sunflower Seed Salad:

Baby spinach or spring greens, sunflower seeds, sliced tomatoes and avocados.

I save leftover meals when taken out like this one:

Spinach and Chicken Salad

Baby spinach, sliced red bell peppers and red onions, sunflower seeds, sliced grilled chicken breast with cajun seasoning and lemon cream dressing tossed into the salad.

It's very tasty. Thanks for the new recipe.

Yes, I'm so oppressed! But if they keep this up, in time whites will be, and the winning

strategy for the long-term will be to earnestly value the rights of minorities as they value themselves. Equality for all protects all, what's so hard to understand?

If nothing else, be practical, racists!

Since whites will be a minority one day, it behooves us all to enforce just and equal social behavior. Racists condemning POC, are condeming themselves. I have tried to warn racist whites about this.

Because it's true that 'what goes around comes around.' Any group that doesn't want to be abused, should not abuse others or they lose their moral standing.

In my opinion, as a human being first, and white second, they endanger me and mine with their arrogance, hatred and spite.


All the signs of an impending rape, mugging or murder, is what that behaviour says to me.

I'm unsure how anyone doesn't get that.

Any injuries Z got from Trayvon, are from Z's own actions. And Trayvon's death is from Z's action and his responsibility from beginning to end.

It doesn't matter what kind of fancy language one wraps their arguments in when they try to find Z free of guilt in any degree, or Trayvon to have been violent. Because that ignores what anyone with half a brain knows. That Z was acting in the standard manner of a determined criminal menacing his victim.

There is only one reason for him to do what he did, a sense of entitlement and out of control aggression. He picked the suitable target in his mind for that. There should have been no target picked, and no movie playing in his mind to excuse it.

The only person with legal entitlement to follow and confront, is a police officer. They are easily identified, trained to see what a person has such a gun, knife or a bag of Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea. They are not perfect, some have acted as badly and worse than Z, but I doubt even the Sanford police, which had a shake up previously due to civil rights would have done this to Trayvon. Because they have to explain their actions as public employees.

Z acted as a stranger, even a child knows better than to take orders from a stranger, especially a patently creepy one like Z.

I hope the jury sees beyond the fan fare and sleazy reasoning and convict him on second degree murder. And that the prosecution asks them in closing, just how would they react to being followed by a stranger in a car at night, who then got out to follow further. IOW, putting themselves in his shoes.

They don't have to stretch imagination to pretend they are black or male. Since they are women, they have lived it, heard the news or known women who have been accosted, kidnapped to be raped or murdered. Or raped and murdered on the sidewalk, which is how I see this. There is pattern to how these events play out.

Just because Trayvon was male doesn't mean he couldn't be sexually assaulted in some manner, or he was not being stalked by a killer planning on a hate crime. And it was night time which makes Z's actions very suspicious indeed. Trayvon had to have been terrified, but a survival instinct in all of us is strong.

Admittedly, I would not have been walking about at night to get a snack, but Trayvon felt confident to do so and likely did not own a vehicle. Which does not make him a criminal, unless one gives into the lazy thinking that poverty is a crime.

Like Z, I would have traveled at night in a vehicle for my own protection. A vehicle that Z abandoned to act out on his aggressive impulses.

If Trayvon had been a woman on her way home, how would the world and media and jury see this?

I've always put it that way. John Galt needs to Go John Connor. Get off the net, wireless, phone,

mobile devices, youtube, facebook, and twitter and whatever else you use to networkwith. Do I need to explain how LEOs knew where OWS was going next? Are people really that tech illiterate?

Using the pronoun you in general. but not personally:

While you're at it, close your bank and savings account, credit cards, stop paying health insurance, car insurance, rent, taxes, mortgages, car notes, memberships and any other payments that are traceable. Each and every one in the same data base in order to make them work, understand?

Then go sovereign citizen and give up your driver license, and any vehicle that has to be registered, and your passport - unless you're leaving to a country where no ID is ever required.

((Get back with us on this. I'm thinking Somalia. Wait, they have guys with guns who can tell who's who. If you are not who they like, too bad for you.))

And while you're at it, burn your social security card that started all this mess. Everything I've listed uses it as an ID. It's the master file. Don't get any vaccines, as that's how they microchip you, don't you know. Muahaha. Really, get your bug out kit and boots and flee for the hills.

Don't go and see any of your family and friends who are still in the evil electronic system, or the Terminator Two will acquire you there. No escape from technology. But John Connor did escape for quite a while. Until the future came back for him.

Just like it's coming for all of us.

I don't know whether to put a , a , or just . Fine, let's leave it at the last one. I'm a bit tired of people yelling for freedom from the technology they pay every day to support, which has out run the basis of privacy laws in the world.

Do I like it? No. Am I an authoritarian swooning, boot licking fascist for stating plain facts and suggesting that the solution to the problem is not poutrage on the net, but taking responsibility for one's own data and refusing to submit to an ever increasing grid of communications that may or may not end up being oppressive?

Am I at fault for not trying to force every news story to match up with the paranoid fantasies of Infowars about a dystopia that doesn't have to happen, if people would start getting into government since as it's said it's the big evil government doing this?

When that is the mantra of Reagan and the Koch brothers who would put no limits on corporations ruling us directly and without any voice, as they buy up all the necessities of life to extort our labor from?

And even that is not a sure thing, as there are infinite variables, that the media has not considered, and are being swallowed like kool aid here about this issue?

I ain't buying any of it.


Following his historic visit with Michelle in Senegal the day before:

President Obama looking out the "Door of No Return" at Goree Island - photo


p.s. I think I saw another photo earlier on DU but I can't seem to find it now.

p.s.s. And here's a photo of Barack and Michelle standing in the 'door of no return':


From Tx4obama's thread:


To which I added:

No return then, no return back to that.

This is the only video I've found so far with both Barack and Michelle. There is no sound, but the look on his face reads volumes. This president has come to face some of the most horrible moments from the past and present:

Obama: Goree Island - Door Of No Return - at the Slave House a 'Powerful Moment' in Senegal

Published on Jun 27, 2013

DAKAR, Senegal
- In a symbolic visit to Goree Island, President Obama today toured the departure point where African slaves were once forced to leave their homeland, bound and shackled for America and other foreign lands.

More videos on the side, a longer video of Goree Island as well as the action in Raleigh, N.C. by Moral Mondays.


With additions well worth the read by Sheshe and Cha!

If he said it, that was still not what provoked Z to get out of his vehicle and follow him.

The attorney is attempting to twist the jury perception with ruse, ignoring the undisputed fact Z stalked another person.

Trayvon did not approach Z first or, as some would say, he didn't start a fight. The jury in Texas found a retired volunteer fireman who went down the street onto his neigbhor's property waving a gun was not acting in self-defense.

The sidewalk was public property and Trayvon had a right to use it. He was essentially on his property, doing what he had a right to do, when harrassed by a man who had no right to harrass him and also bad intentions.

Trayvon did not make him get out of his vehicle with word or deed. This scumbag attorney is trying to put the dead man on trial here. I only hope that the jury can see the logic of this case, the sequence of events, and find this maniac guilty.

And I hope he has not been over charged so that the jury will not want to find him guilty of a higher offense. He needs to be removed from society for a long time for the safety of the public. This was not his first violent act.

Republican values: Judge beating his disabled daughter here (NSFW & ABUSE TRIGGER WARNING):

UK TV view Texas Judge Beat 16-Year Old Disabled Daughter Repeatedly with a belt

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2011


The mother of the disabled girl who posted a horrific video of her family judge father lashing her with a belt online, spoke for the first time today to reveal that she had been hiding her husband's 'secret of addiction for a long time'.

Hallie Adams appeared alongside her daughter Hillary in a TV interview in which they both described years of abuse in their 'dysfunctional' family and Hillary revealed her father had dared her to post the video online.

Judge William Adams, of Rockport in Aransas County, Texas, faces a police investigation and a judicial probe after his daughter uploaded to YouTube last week a secretly-filmed video - taken in 2004 when she was 16 - of him beating her with a belt 20 times.

The sheriff's department said in a statement today that the matter is 'under review' but had no further updates at this time.

According to Judge Burt Mills, the senior judge in the county to whom he reports, Adams was relieved of his court duties for the next two weeks and his cases passed to another judge while inquiries are carried out.

Neither the police nor the judge has responded to requests for additional comments from MailOnline.

Today her mother, who also appeared in the video, tried to explain why she too had hit her daughter and stood aside to let her husband attack.

She said: 'My answer to you and to the world is something that I've been hiding for a very long time is a family secret and that's addiction.'

When asked if she has an addiction, the mother said no but when asked if her ex-husband did, she told the interviewer:

'Yes sir.'

She offered no further explanation as to what the addiction might be.

Hallie Adams added: 'I lived in an environment of dysfunction and it steadily got worse. I did leave him... but he shamed me into going back.'

Hillary Adams, now 23, said she had forgiven her mother and did not regret making the video public. It has now been viewed more than a million times.

'We're very close now,' Hillary said. 'When I showed her the video, she started crying, hasn't stopped apologizing, and I forgive her because she knows everything that happened.'

Speaking to the Today show, she said: 'I told him I had the video... and he dared me to post it.'

Judge Adams, who presides mainly over cases involving children, remained unrepentant.

He said: 'In my mind I haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing and I did lose my temper but I've since apologized. It looks worse than it is. There is a story and it will come out in due time.'

He is unlikely to face criminal charges after authorities said that the statute of limitations for causing bodily injury to a child is five years. The incident occurred seven years ago.

Hillary Adams was asked by the Today Show how she felt about the ordeal she had suffered now.

Miss Adams said: 'I've experience everything from crying about it to laughing. There are so many emotions and sometimes it's like reliving it and it sometimes it's like watching it from a completely third-person point of view. It's really impossible to put all that into words.

She added: 'It did happen regularly for a period of time, and I could tell because of the pattern that things were escalating again, so I set up my video camera on the dresser and covered the little red light with a scarf.

'About half an hour after I set the camera up this happened and it was amazing that I was able to capture such a thing.'

Miss Adams explained that she waited seven years to release the video because she feared for her safety and that of her mother and younger sister.

That was the video description and is not covered by copyright. The paragraphing is my attempt to make it readable. The family court judge's suspension from the bench was lifted. And he ran for the office again and won; see his smug look here:


IDK if he prevailed in this action he took against the mother, but this enrages me:


"Conservative values" Texas judge beats daughter

Adams came to the bench in 1998 by defeating Democrat Robert Shellenberger with 67% of the vote. The east Texas county of Aransas has a population of around 23,000. According to the Aransas County Republican Party's website, its mission is to "promote conservative values." During his 1998 campaign, Adams pledged to institute youth guidance programs that would involve retirees. Calls and emails to Adams and to the chair and vice-chair of the Aransas County Republican Party were unreturned by the time of this publication.


BTW. I've seen the full video and it's a lot worse than this. As I know people with her condition, they are generally fragile and not able to resist, making this doubly sick for me.

He said it was because she was 'stealing.' Fine, turn off the computer and destroy the downloaded material, don't go into a frenzy and abuse a person, not just physically, but verbally which leaves more scars.

These are people who talk trash about the first family, and use this kind of language. And these guys believe they should be in charge of all women and children in courts of law?

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