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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 09:24 AM
Number of posts: 196

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Paul Ryan’s Path to Economic Destruction - What else is new?

Paul Ryan dusted off his 2011 and 2012 budget plan and renamed it The Path to Economic Destruction – OOPS! - The Path to Prosperity (wink-wink) - my bad!

Anyway, find out what Ryan’s plan takes away along with what WE can do about it at www.spindetective.com

GRAPHICS/VIDEO: What’s Really Behind the GOP Sequester

Seeing is believing! View a graph and video highlighting how the GOP’s twisted notions on the sequester serve themselves and their wealthy counterparts on the backs of the middle class and the poor at www.spindetective.com

WE deserve a vote!

Conservative Supreme Court Justices’ View on Our Right to Vote is Shocking!

Conservative Supreme Court justices “expressed skepticism Wednesday about whether the federal government should still be requiring preclearance of voting system change in certain places with a history of racial discrimination in elections. Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia even went so far as to condemn Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act as a “perpetuation of racial entitlement” (!?!?!) (huffingtonpost.com)

Help set the record straight at www.spindetective.com

House Republicans Run for the Hills After Bailing out on a Sequester Vote!

Before running for the hills on another vacation with no compromise to balance increased revenues with spending cuts in order to stop sequestration, House Speaker Boehner had the nerve to declare that “more revenue in order to reduce the federal deficit or to replace sequestration’s pending budget cuts is tantamount to stealing from the government”?

In addition to the fact that Boehner’s statement directly contradicts the facts stated in his own Congressional Budget Office report along with the Bi-Partisan Policy Center’s research proving that sequestration cuts “would not do much to address the government’s long term debt” - Boehner, his Tea Partied House Representatives and Tea Partied US Senators have been coasting on the government's dime for the past 4 years with little to no leadership, failures to vote, record-breaking vacations and record-breaking filibusters while putting in the “half the work”!

Find out more at www.spindetective.com

The GOP Debt Ceiling Solution: Let the Sequester Fester

The Tea Partied fiscal cliff battle resumes in March, 2013 when the reality of sequestration sinks in. How important do you think sequestration is to Tea Partied congressional representatives?

Details and petition links available at www.spindetective.com


Just wanted you to know that from now on, Pistarkle's Alter Ego will be spinning spins under the DU username spindetective.

Check out spindetective's latest post - The Best Straws Money Can Buy!

Enough is Enough!

We offer condolences to the families, friends and acquaintances of victims from the shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado - a single individual, a legally purchased AR-15 military style semi-automatic rifle, a legally purchased shotgun and two legally purchased pistols - enough is enough!

WE must put pressure on the National Rifle Association (NRA) through lawmakers at the Congressional and state levels with the message to legislate stricter gun control laws.

A, recent, rash of weakened gun laws has swept our nation between 2010 and 2012 giving wider latitude for gun purchase, gun registration and gun carry regulations. The National Rifle Association (NRA) wrote, sponsored and lobbied for the majority of those laws and Republican Congressional representatives, governors and state majority legislators took the bait under radical right wing Second Amendment pressure - documentation in Trayvon Martin: The Tip of the Iceberg at www.spindetective.com

WE must stop the madness through direct communication with elected officials, through social networks and at the polls. The victims of Aurora as well as thousands of other deregulated gun law victims across the nation deserve nothing less!


Trayvon Martin : The Tip of the Iceberg (March 23, 2012)

Aurora Theater Colorado Shooting: How You Can Help Victims and Families

http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ (Bilingual options)




Romney’s "Free Stuff"

After Mitt Romney insulted NAACP members at their 2012 convention, he added insult to injury at a Super Pac(ed) fundraising speech the next evening stating “all they want is free stuff”. (Earth to Mitt - there are more white individuals on welfare and food stamps than blacks!)

Romney claims that he left Bain Capital in 1999 to save the Olympics and “had no association with the management of Bain Capital after February of 1999”. Yet records – some signed by CEO, President and Board Chairman Romney - reflect that he was paid $100,000 a year by Bain in 2001 and 2002 to do nothing while he amassed considerable fortunes from Bain’s investment profits.
If we are to believe Mitt’s claims of non-involvement, he is the last person on earth to accuse anybody else of wanting nothing but “free stuff” when he appears to be the master of amassing it!


Romney’s Free Stuff Speech is a New Low

Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity, Vol. XXV

Mitt Romney’s Double Life

Majority of Welfare Recipients are White, Non-urban, Study Reveal

More White People on Food Stamps Than Blacks

Romney Grabs the Lead Role on As the Stomach Turns!

Mitt’s acting abilities pumped up with his As the Stomach Turns performance at the 2012 NAACP Convention!

Mitt postured on stage at the 2012 NAACP Convention and delivered a jaw-dropping TEA PARTY STUMP SPEECH insulting President Obama AND gay Americans! (How insulting gays got into the picture is beyond my comprehension, but leave it to Mitt - his insensitive dramatizations against any member of society other than the super rich have no theatrical boundaries.)

The crowd initially treated Mitt with respect and applause until his act took a dramatic turn for the worst attacking Convention participants’ INTELLIGENCE and “Obamacare”. Then he got booed.

Get this - Mitt and his Super Pac drama coaches actually FLEW in African American ‘extras’ to act as audience members during his presentation. Upon the conclusion of his act, Mitt rushed to FOX News for a repeat performance where he gushed that he “met with NAACP leaders” who lavished him with praise and unfavorability for President Obama. (FYI - the NAACP “leaders” he “met” with were actually HIS Super Pac African American impersonators who were NOT even members of the NAACP!)

Mitt, also, told FOX he “expected to be booed”! That should be no surprise. Mitt thrives on boos when he’s on stage. Remember when he didn’t skip a beat after HIS Tea Partied audience booed an active duty gay military gentlemen at one of the Republican primary debates?

Stay tuned – many more Mitt Romney As the Stomach Turns sequels are sure to be featured at a political theater near you before November 6th!


Romney NAACP Speech: Crossed Line on Positive Reception?

Mitt Romney Tried to Rig NAACP Crowd by flying in His Own African Americans

NAACP crowd calls Romney ‘demeaning,’ ‘insulting’

Romney booed, called ‘insulting’ by NAACP

NAACP crowd calls Romney ‘demeaning’, ‘insulting’


Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz

Today Republican US Senators SILENTLY filibustered ANOTHER Obama/Congressional Democrat jobs bill just because they don’t want the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes. The bill “known as the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act would provide a 10 percent income tax credit for businesses that hire new employees or increase wages in 2012.”

Let me get this straight. Romney, Tea Partied Republican House Representatives, Tea Partied Republican US Senators and other Tea Partied Republican politicos keep on repeating the SCRIPT that "President Obama is doing nothing to improve the economy “. If that’s the case, why are Tea Partied Republican House Representatives, Tea Partied Republican US Senators, Tea Partied Republican governors and Tea Partied Republican state legislators the only one’s NOT improving the economy?

Every single Tea Partied Republican “Stimulus hasn’t worked” (their words not mine), congressional member voted against President Obama’s Stimulus, but they asked for, received AND spent stimulus monies for jobs in their states acting as if they were the ones responsible for creating those jobs. The Tea Partied House leadership won’t allow the President’s Jobs Bill to come before the floor of the House for a vote. Tea Partied US Senators SILENTLY filibustered the President’s Jobs Bill so that it can’t come before the floor of the Senate for a vote. Tea Partied Republican governors and state legislators are legislating away workers’ rights; firing teachers, police officers and firefighters; stripping away social services for women, children, senior citizens, veterans, college students, the disabled and the poor; denying life-saving, job creating Affordable Health Care Act funding for their constituents; shutting down educational opportunities for middle class and poor students while they TRANSFER savings from those cuts to provide big time tax breaks for big time corporations and enforce voter suppression laws. Now the Tea Partied Republican “job killers” (their words, not mine) want to add small businesses to the “break Obama” (their words not mine) agenda – pop, pop, fizz, fizz!


Amid tax posturing, Senate GOP blocks bill to encourage small business hiring

Tax Cut Legislation Blocked in Senate

Republicans block small business tax break on procedural issue

Wait a Minute Buster!

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