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Playinghardball's Journal
Playinghardball's Journal
May 5, 2016

New California polls shows newly registered voters flocking to Sanders


This recent poll in California shows us at 49% Hillary to 39% Bernie with registered voters who have previously voted. The poll showed 33% were first time registers! Edit: I think I misread the poll a bit. Of the people who haven't voted before, 33% are first time registers. So it's not 33% of the total in the poll my mistake. Among them 67% say they will vote for Sanders.
This is HUGE!

May I also add that this poll had voters 18-44 as only representing a paltry 28% among the base voters.
62% of the new registered voters say they are 18-44

There are still almost 3 WEEKS remaining to register to vote in California. I believe this poll shows that we can and will easily win California

Edit: Also based on exit polling from Indiana it said we got 36% of the non-white vote but only 26% of the black vote. I calculated the numbers and that means we got 56% of the rest of the non-white vote, mainly Latino's and Asians. Should also bode well for California.

May 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Growing Problem With Independents

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton faces a mounting challenge among independent voters following months of attacks from rival Bernie Sanders.

An April Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that Mrs. Clinton’s favorability rating among independents had dropped 15 percentage points in the last four months alone. That poll found that 20% of independents viewed Mrs. Clinton positively, compared with 62% who viewed her negatively—a gap of 42 percentage points. In January, that same poll found her with a positive rating of 35% and a negative rating of 54%—a gap of fewer than 20 percentage points.

A year earlier, four months before she launched her presidential campaign, that gap stood at just four percentage points—35% positive to 39% negative.

Mrs. Clinton’s favorability ratings have also declined among Democrats. Her positive rating among Democrats dropped to 63% last month from 71% in January, while her negative rating rose six points to 20%. Last April, when she first announced she was running for president, 76% of Democrats viewed her positively while just 8% viewed her negatively.

While sinking favorability ratings are common for presidential candidates as voters learn more about them, the striking decline in independents’ view of Mrs. Clinton is indicative of the unexpected popularity of Mr. Sanders, who served in the Senate as an independent before running for president as a Democrat. The Vermont senator is far more popular among independents and has ramped up his criticism of Mrs. Clinton in recent months, even as his path to winning the nomination looks increasingly narrow. Mr. Sanders in recent days began laying off hundreds of field staffers but has said he plans to stay in the race until the July Democratic convention.

The nosedive Mrs. Clinton’s rating has taken among independents suggests she has a lot of work to do to win those voters over in a general election. Her campaign has already begun fretting about the lasting damage Mr. Sanders’s criticism of her could have in the general election, and has publicly encouraged the senator to rally his supporters behind her for the sake of the Democratic Party.

More here:http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2016/05/03/hillary-clintons-growing-problem-with-independents/#:NeDQ1JgM9QVm_A

May 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton Should Concede to Bernie Sanders Before The FBI Reveals Its Findings

Millions of Democrats are voting for a presidential candidate linked to an FBI criminal investigation. These voters either don’t know there’s been a year-long FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails, don’t care, or would vote for Clinton even she faced Espionage Act indictments. Potentially our next Commander in Chief will be interviewed by the FBI soon, as will her top aides. This state of affairs would never take place in any other leading democracy, but American politics is unique.

Bernie Sanders has political momentum, grass roots support throughout the nation, and defeats Donald Trump by a wider margin than Clinton. Sanders has surged to within several points nationally of Clinton, despite being over 50 points down not long ago. In contrast, Clinton lost astronomical leads to both Obama and Sanders, and doesn’t keep polling leads. Furthermore, Trump won’t watch his tone about emails, and every other scandal associated with both Clintons. The pedestrian polling lead Hillary Clinton currently holds over Donald Trump isn’t set in stone; Trump is already ahead of Clinton in a recent poll.

Don’t be certain Trump can’t defeat Clinton in a general election, even if the FBI doesn’t recommend indictments. Once he pivots towards being a semi-normal human being, and distances himself from the bigoted stances he utilized to gain power within the GOP, Clinton would face a more “likable” Trump. In a battle of two individuals with negative favorability ratings, the person who might have jeopardized national security with a private server could easily lose.

In the best case scenario, Clinton doesn’t face indictments, but the FBI confirms that she jeopardized national security. Thus, Republicans would make even the best case scenario for Clinton’s campaign a major political liability. America isn’t a closed Democratic primary, and Clinton would be on the defensive during every televised debate against Trump.

This dynamic doesn’t exist with Bernie Sanders against Trump. All Bernie has to do is point and explain to America that Trump embodies everything wrong with money and politics. Bernie doesn’t have any controversies, or hidden Wall Street transcripts. Bernie also didn’t accept money from Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton did take Trump’s money. While Bernie can distance himself completely, Clinton is too closely tied to the eventual GOP nominee, especially through their social networks. There’s a reason Trump invited the Clintons, and not Bernie and Jane Sanders, to his wedding. There’s also a reason Trump goes golfing with Bill, and not Bernie.

However, the biggest reason Clinton should concede to Bernie Sanders involves the political repercussions of the FBI’s email investigation. The long-term future of the Democratic Party rests upon whether or not the FBI discloses its findings before, or after the contested Democratic convention. While I believe Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination, there’s a major issue few people have addressed in progressive circles.

What happens if Clinton wins the nomination, and the FBI recommends indictments after July 25, 2016?

If the FBI recommends indictments, and the DOJ indicts Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party would be handing Donald Trump the White House by nominating the former Secretary of State. I explain in this YouTube segment why Clinton should concede the Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders, before the political ramifications of a contested convention, and before the FBI discloses its findings.

First, there used to be a time in American history when Bernie Sanders would be the only choice for Democratic nominee. Not long ago, an FBI investigation meant the end of a presidential campaign. Clinton would have been forced to conceded at any point in U.S. history before 2016, linked to a criminal FBI investigation.

More here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/h-a-goodman/clinton-should-concede-to-sanders-before-fbi-reveals-findings_b_9836720.html

May 4, 2016

The force is with Bernie!!!

Can you guess who is aligned with the Evil Empire?
May 4, 2016

Blockbuster poll average: Sanders 54.7, Trump 37.2

he most revealing poll number in American politics is the RealClearPolitics match-up numbers pitting Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) against Republican front-runner Donald Trump for the general election. In the RealClearPolitics polling number average, Sanders has 54.7 percent, with Trump at 37.2 percent, a landslide advantage for Sanders over Trump of 17.5 percentage points.

The actual results of all March polling posted on RealClearPolitics are:

Fox News: Sanders leads Trump by 14 points
Bloomberg: Sanders leads Trump by 24 points
Quinnipiac University: Sanders leads Trump by 14 points
CBS/The New York Times: Sanders leads Trump by 15 points
CNN/ORC: Sanders leads Trump by 20 points
NBC News/The Wall Street Journal: Sanders leads Trump by 18 points

Note that the lowest margin for the Sanders lead in polling for the month of March was a whopping 14 points. These margins in favor of Sanders over Trump, if voting in November were to track these margins at the presidential level, would probably return control of both the Senate and House to Democrats. That's even with the current advantage of House Republicans, because the coattail effect of a Democratic victory of between 14 and 20 points in the presidential election would be gigantic.

In a media environment where terms are often overstated and overused, these polling results are blockbuster numbers with blockbuster implications.

The humongous lead Sanders has over Trump surely gives very powerful evidence of the progressive populist surge of opinion among the American people and/or the enormous weakness of Trump with general election voters. In my column today in The Hill, "Trump the loser," I discussed the devastating damage a Trump nomination would do to the GOP. I have often suggested that the great wave of progressive populist opinion will carry Democrats to victory in November if Democrats remain true to the cause.

Note how rarely the major media, in their obsessive coverage of Trump, gives anywhere near equal attention to the Sanders campaign and very rarely discuss the humongous lead that Sanders has over Trump in polling.

Perhaps the mainstream media should stop discussing Teflon Don and start emphasizing Teflon Bernie.

More here: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/274203-blockbuster-poll-average-sanders-547-trump-372

May 4, 2016

Email from Bernie: Last night was a historic win

The Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over, Xxx...

They are wrong.

Maybe it's over for the insiders and the party establishment, but the voters in Indiana had a different idea. The campaign wasn't over for them. It isn't over for the voters in West Virginia. It isn't over for Democrats in Oregon, New Jersey and Kentucky. It isn't over for voters in California and all the other states with contests still to come.

I understand we have an uphill climb to victory, but we have been fighting uphill from the first day of this campaign. I am in this campaign until the last vote is cast.

We have received over 50,000 contributions in the last 12 hours. If you can add one more donation to our campaign, it will ensure we have the resources to fight and win through the remaining states and all the way to the Democratic Convention.

Last night Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. Poll after poll shows we are the best campaign to take him on, and by a wide margin. There is nothing I would like more than to take on and defeat Donald Trump, someone who can never become president of this country. And that is why we must continue to fight for the values we share, and to win this primary. And that is why we must continue to fight for the values we share, and to win this primary.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


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