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Member since: Sun Nov 7, 2010, 05:38 PM
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Tunguska Electronic Music Society (Free Music for Free People)

This is an amazing group of people. All the music here is Free if you choose. When you go to buy it just enter a Goose Egg. They don't spam you. They will let you know when a new Album has been released.


FYI: I get mail from all over the world. Sending music back and forth. Getting CDs, Albums. Stuff like that. When ever I get something from Russia it includes the black label from Homeland Security telling me that my ID has been noted. Whatever the fuck that means. Haven't been kicked off a Plane yet.....but I have seen Big Black SUVs parked in my street at night........

The music is various genre twisted ambient.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Message from Gabby and Mark


Donald Trumpís running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence is about to take the stage at the Republican National Convention, but before he does there is something we have to say.

A Trump-Pence ticket that is so firmly in the gun lobbyís grip cannot be trusted to address our nationís growing gun violence crisis and take responsible action. They share the gun lobbyís vision of an America where everyone is armed, but no one is safe.

From allowing guns in school parking lots, to making it easier for dangerous people to carry loaded, hidden guns, Mike Pence has a record of giving into the gun lobby. America will be less safe with him and Trump in the Oval Office.
Thatís why we have to ask:

Contribute $3 to Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC as a way of saying you will stand with us in our campaign to keep Donald Trump and Mike Pence out of the White House.

Over the course of the next few months, we are going to travel the country to ensure gun violence prevention voters understand the stakes in this election, and that they get to the polls. We will also continue to ramp up the pressure on U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire and support champions for commonsense solutions in other states. Your contribution goes a long way towards that work, and towards advancing our shared values.

All our best,
Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

If you could throw Gabby and Mark a bone or two that would be great. If not, that's cool. Gabby is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. They are going 'heavy on the pedal' this election year in their fight to reduce (will it ever end?) gun violence.


Fools of Music (compilation by Markus Reuter and friends) (and it's FREE)

If you have never heard of Markus Reuter you are in for a treat. Just click on the Buy Now button and when prompted for an amount just enter a big goose egg 0.00. It's a digital download that will be sent to you by email if you pay nothing. If you decide to throw them a bone then you can immediately download it.

Markus is one of the hardest working musicians I know and his genre range is mind-blowing.



Best Metronome (and it's FREE)

I was turned on to this by a friend (a music prof). I've tested it against my DAW and it works flawlessly. Just figured someone might find it useful......



Haven't contributed much in quite some time. Had a few minutes this weekend. After today my life goes back on hyper-mode. Enjoying the down time. Well, I did wage battle with an old dead tree. Note to self: Chain Saws mess your arms up.

Water is one of my fave subjects. Nature is extremely chaotic and with the proper light Water becomes a moving abstract painting. I usually use a very fast shutter speed to capture what isn't always seen with the naked eye.

Thanks for looking. Hope everyone is having a fantastic 4th weekend.
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