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Hillary Clinton and the DNC started the General Election campaign in earnest several weeks ago. You may also know that the platform for the Democratic Convention is conceived by the Democratic Party. I have already submitted my platform forms. I chuckled as I was filling them out because I've done more for the DNC than The Sandman will ever do, and I don't demand anything and expect nothing from the DNC in return. I know that the issues that are important to me may not be the prevailing issues from other people in the Democratic Party. I'm cool with that.

The Democratic Party is a diverse party and I understand that there are many issues important to many people.

Also; I have to say a word or two about a certain thread that was locked. I can't speak for this person but I think I understand their frustration. (It was the thread with the word Fuck in front of the names of a few people)

These days I ask myself "why and was it really worth it?" We have a candidate that is only posturing for causing more of a cluster fuck than he already has. But I know that this is how he rolls. The person who did the 'Fuck' thread, I believe, was pissed because Hillary had to waste money and resources in a Primary that she had locked up from the beginning.

One more thing: if you can throw Hillary a bone or two it'd be great. Most people don't know that PACs have to pay up to 5x as much as the candidate for ad time. So, $20.00 to Hillary directly would be roughly the same as $100.00 that Koch and Rove are spending. Hey, it all adds up over time.

I'm a pretty laid back dude but I'm really excited. After The Sandman returns to Vermont maybe he can focus on the out-of-control opiate addiction problem in his State and a Suicide Rate that is higher than the national average. Nah, he probably won't......

New York Democratic Primary Analysis April 12, 2016

Polling: Hillary Clinton + 15.3 points

Variables: Advantage Hillary Clinton Very Strong

Polling factors include sample size, candidate demographics, and a few other things.

Variables include poll trending, if it is a Primary or Caucus, if it is Closed, Open, or Mixed voting, demographics, and some other boring number stuff.

Analysis shows that Hillary Clinton solidly has New York. Throw in some Delegates and Super Delegates and this whole dog and pony primary show will be all but over. (and it won't come soon enough)

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