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Men Dominate in Political Giving; Hillary Clinton’s Donors Are an Exception

More women vote than men, and it has been true for decades. But women lag way behind men in another measure of political participation. Only about 30 percent of big donors to campaigns are women, which, in an election that’s forecast to feed on billions of dollars of donations, is a gender gap in political influence.
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The estimated gap in overall fund-raising is even larger, because the average contribution from a man is much larger than the average for a woman. For every dollar flowing from big donors into the campaigns of sitting members of Congress, about 76 cents has come from a man and 24 cents from a woman.

These findings are based on an Upshot analysis of data from Crowdpac, a Silicon Valley start-up that tracks donations and rates candidates on an ideological scale. The donors’ gender was determined by their first names. (Less than two percent of donors can’t be reliably mapped to gender.) The data includes only contributions of more than $200, because the names of smaller contributors aren’t disclosed under campaign finance law.

Presidential Candidates

Hillary Clinton 52.6%
Bernie Sanders 37.6%
Carly Fiorina 33.3%


There are some statistics and such here and a bunch of philosophical analysis. What I got from this is that even the pundits aren't 100% in agreement as to Why. I think the answer is quite clear; Hillary Clinton is running a fantastic campaign.

McCaskill: Sanders has made Clinton a better candidate

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said Monday that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is molding front-runner Hillary Clinton into the best possible Democratic presidential candidate.

“Bernie’s challenge has made Hillary a better candidate,” she told host Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day.”

“It has made her stronger and more aggressive,” McCaskill added. "I have said an awful lot of good things about Bernie Sanders and the good work he is doing for America.”

McCaskill said she is endorsing Clinton rather than Sanders because the Vermont lawmaker "has not identified as a Democrat."

"He identifies as a socialist," she added. "The problem is in a state like mine it is very hard for voters to get past that."


I know the speech Bernie Sanders was going to give on Democratic Socialism has been pushed back. Now he "may" give it in Iowa after the next debate. His Strategist wants him to give the speech but what I've read is that Senator Sanders isn't too keen on it now, citing his busy schedule and not having the time to finish the speech.


Sanders supporters like to say how Hillary is just following Sanders' lead. Really??

According to a transcript made available to reporters by a campaign aide, Clinton struck a pretty populist tone during her remarks at Kirkwood Community College, emphasizing her concern that the “deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top.”

She added, “There’s something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the typical worker. There’s something wrong when American workers keep getting more productive, as they have, and as I just saw a few minutes ago is very possible because of education and skills training, but that productivity is not matched in their paychecks. And there’s something wrong when hedge fund managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or the truckers that I saw on I-80 as I was driving here over the last two days.


Just a FYI.
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