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Can the Sanders Campaign raise $1 Billion dollars?

No need to answer. It’s called a Rhetorical Question.

That is the low estimate of the amount of money that will be needed to mount an effective Presidential Election campaign in 2016. Some are estimating that it may be as high as $ 2 Billion.

Yes, that’s an obscene amount of money. Yes, we need Campaign Finance Reform. Yes, I know that Senator Sanders wants to abolish Super Pacs and such, taking the big money element out of Politics. HRC has also made statements in this regards. But at this point that's all it is, words floating around in the clouds. The Supreme Court really fucked this country over and that's going to be a major hurdle to overcome.

A little perspective:

In 2012 President Obama spent $683 Million, with the Democratic Party and outside groups pushing the total to $1.1 Billion. In 2008 Obama spent $730 Million.

Before you start slamming that keyboard telling me that this is what’s wrong with our Political System, please consider that this is how the game is played. And you can’t effect change if you aren’t part of the system . If Senator Sanders really wanted to cause change in Campaign Finance Run-Amok it would have been as Senator, and this is how he now could work toward this change.

A simple analogy I use in the 3-Dimensional World; Senator Sanders took the Democratic Party to the Dance but when he got there he dumped Her, saying “I don’t like you…… you need to change….. I don’t like the people you hang out with.”

Hillary is about half way there by the numbers I’ve been reading. She also has the backing of Priorities USA Action which raised and spent $65 Million for Obama in 2012. She has to. Unicorns in the Magic Forest will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, but the Unicorn has no money. And spoiler alert; a Giant Orc eats the Unicorn.

Believe me when I say that Hillary Clinton would rather spend more time on the road than spending time dialing for dollars. So, please try to keep the 1% and Owned by the Banks/Wall Street noise to a minimum. The only politicians that absolutely love the money being spent are the Republicans. The GOP knows they could take any of the Kar Klowns and have a good shot at getting that Klown elected if they raise enough money. The Klowns love it because they don't have to do anything.

This started back during the Reagan days. The GOP figured out that if they raise enough money they could get anyone elected. It has now grown and ballooned into what we have today. This total Cluster Fuck.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Snark and Gotcha’ already in progress………

Was doing some reading recently

.... and came across this quote by Timothy Ferriss:

Online I see people committing 'social media suicide' all the time by one of two ways. Firstly by responding to all criticism, meaning you're never going to find time to complete important milestones of your own, and by responding to things that don't warrant a response. This lends more credibility by driving traffic.

Timothy Ferriss reminded me why I get up every morning. I am definitely ‘all in’ (I always disliked that phrase but my brain isn’t at 100% this morning) with regards to Hillary Clinton and will do everything I can to make sure she wins. This country…… this world…… needs someone with her background and expertise in the White House. Who knows, maybe after a couple of years in the White House Hillary might start changing the way of thinking in this country; that having a Woman in the White House is actually a damn good idea.

I know it's difficult to ignore posts that push the stupid envelope, but BSrs love baiting Hillary supporters. I can't tell you what to do or not do, that's your decision. Just consider if it is worth your while to address something that will only lead to elevated blood pressure. The BSrs will then be forced to create 'ghost supporters of Hillary' so they'll have something to attack.

Hillary is already donating to the DNC. This is something that usually doesn't begin until a clear nominee is determined. The BSrs will see this as the DNC being "in bed" with Hillary. Nope, it's just a candidate that knows how the Political election process is handled and she realizes how important it is to support the party that will help her win the General Election. The BSrs want to completely dismantle the DNC and clean house. That's a little difficult when your candidate has virtually zero support from Democrats currently in office or those that were in office and when your supporters see the DNC as the "enemy".

When Adults get together in the 3-D World

Had dinner recently with a young couple we became friends with. We started helping them with a particular business venture since we have a few bazillion years of business experience and developed a friendship after that. They refer to us as their ‘second parents’. Their real parents are conservative Right Wingers so I think it’s been refreshing for them to deal with "older people" who are as liberal as they are.

Of course we discussed Politics and they mentioned that they changed their voter registration from Independent to Democrat so they can vote for Bernie in the Primaries.

Well, I explained that we live in a Caucus State and voting isn’t the same as States that have actual Primary Voting. Gave them a brief history of how the Caucus works and told them what they would need to do to participate in the Caucus process. And I explained what to expect when they go to their local Caucus.

They knew we supported Hillary but there was no Pro vs Con discussion about either candidate. I didn’t ask why they supported Bernie and I didn’t try to sell them on Hillary. The focus of most of our political discussion centered around the republicans in the clown car and the low intelligence level of those that supported republicans. We all agreed that the Republican Party was collapsing, and that was a good thing.

Of course I don’t agree with their decision to support Bernie but I could tell that they were excited about being involved in the Primary/Caucus process. It was all completely new to them. I felt good about that and I hope they remain engaged in Politics as the years travel on.

No snark. No bullshit. No gotcha’. Just some adults having a conversation in the Real World.

I now return you to the Snark and Gotcha' program currently in progress............

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