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Member since: Sun Nov 7, 2010, 05:38 PM
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Hopping and Skipping Through a Garden

It had just rained and the light was changing every 10 seconds which was causing me to be a bit uncomfortable but I was determined to get a few garden pics. Hop. Skip. Click. Repeat.

Apparently there is an old Amish saying that I thought I'd also share here:

Wealth is not measured in how much you give or get, it is measured in how much you share.

Heroes of Uncertainty

Mental diseases are not really understood the way, say, liver diseases are understood, as a pathology of the body and its tissues and cells. Researchers understand the underlying structure of very few mental ailments. What psychiatrists call a disease is usually just a label for a group of symptoms. As the eminent psychiatrist Allen Frances writes in his book, “Saving Normal,” a word like schizophrenia is a useful construct, not a disease: “It is a description of a particular set of psychiatric problems, not an explanation of their cause.”


A short read. An Op Ed piece.

I've often felt that slapping a label or two on me wasn't productive. Making me feel 'normal' again. Making me happy. This is all I've ever wanted. I know that labels are needed to decide which drug cocktail to throw at someone. But after that, what?
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