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Member since: Sun Oct 17, 2010, 04:41 PM
Number of posts: 854

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Everyone should read this, K&R

This is personal.

I'm glad that the Devil has disapated himself from my life. I've done this shit for so long, and now I'm free. At least for a few minutes. I'm thankful that I don't have evil in my blood any more. I'm a God loving, Angel of light, and wont be a coward today. That is all for now, Powerfull stuff for me though.

Almost four years ago, a friend gave me this.

St Cristophers charm. He took it off of his neck and gave it to me. He told me that if I have this nothing bad will ever happen to me. He was right so far. He wore it for ten years. I was headed into my scariest time of my life. Since this gift, nothing bad has happened to me. I'm grateful. I grew up in a christian home, and have expanded my views some since. But very thankful for that gift 4 years ago. I love the Bounce

How many people have died in Japan from that Nuc fall out.

I know that my estimates will be correct. No one wants to know.

seven more post to hit 800. I'm going now.

Some of you might not want to watch!

I wrote this before,,, "my world is spinning so fast that I might fall off". Anyway, Lol. Actually I'm fine. Even the government tells me I 'm good. If they only knew me, what would they think? I'm going insane with simple stuff,,, How did this get so hard? I know what I'm doing, does anyone else? I think that most of the people I know are seriously crazy. And here I sit in front of this stupid computer, trying to find a purpose in my day,,,WTF. Thanks to all of you on DU that help me, even the 3 of you that put me on your ignore list,, fine. I wish I could ignore myself sometimes. Luckily Love is in my heart, I can't wait to share it with a woman before I go to Heaven. I'm not dieing soon, I'm going to get very old first. This I know. Hope you like reading this personal stuff... enjoy!

Hope this helps all of you!

I'm sober, but it is hard to do this. 3 years now, and I can't find a comfort zone. I listen to many of my 300 albums. Good music, but kind of empty. To bad for me I love a woman, and she can't love me the way I want.... This is an addiction that I've never known before.!

How much more can they pollute. WTF!

This is insane!

Some times,

You have to fight fire with fire.. did I offend you? I have hated him for years!

Any diabetics want to share our stuff?

34 years now with type one. Almost killed me a few times, but I'm in pretty good shape considering. I was glad to have a complete medical make-up a couple of yeas ago. My blood circulation in my legs and arms are fine. I liked Atlantus, and Aprida, when I could afford it.... Worked well for me. I can't afford this now, so I'm doing Humalin N and R. Doesn't work so well. So I'm running high blood sugars so I don't crash in the middle of the night. That shit paralizes me, and I feel like crap for a few days after. Everyone has a battle, this is mine, is it yours?
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