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Member since: Mon Oct 11, 2010, 11:52 PM
Number of posts: 188

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Trapped in Confederate Jeebus Land! Hard Core Liberal/Progressive with a great sense of humor. I love snark!

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One Term More! Share this Far and Wide!

Broadway and musical theatre performers Sean Smith, David Burnham, Kim Huber, Christina Saffran Ashford, Damon Kirsche, David Engel, Jennifer Shelton, Emma Ashford, Matthew Ashford, Ali B. Olmo, Johnny Pastor, Bubba Dean Rambo, William Martinez, Flora Rubenhold, Takako Gregg, Teri Yates, Mason Keane, and Paula Keane sing from their heart with the lyrics of Don DeMesquita, in a parody of One Day More from "Les Miserables". For more info and facts, go to www.OneTermMore.com

Hey Mittfalca!!

You really want to win the elections and take all the wind out of Obama's sails. You really want to stick it to Obama and his supporters? You really want to show us Liberals that we are stupid and should crawl back under our Democratic rocks and never peek out at the daylight again. Just release those tax returns and show the whole world that you ain't hiding schitt. If you are so squeaky clean and all of America should trust you with our lives, just release those returns. You know the one's you showed John McCain just before he chose Sarah Palin.
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