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Name: Carrie
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kent, Wa
Member since: Sat Sep 18, 2010, 06:34 PM
Number of posts: 497

About Me

47 f - married to a man half my age \m/ - alternative lifestyle and forever Bernin'

Journal Archives

William Zeitler - Glass Armonica

I used to work with this guy in the early 90's and he gave me a CD of his work - I've never forgotten it....at the time there was only 3 of these instruments in the world!

wowthe misinformation...

My company sent me out to several of our branches to give people some one-on-one time regarding our benefits.....

Obamacare didnt affect us much because our benefits already well exceeded the standards...but ...this one guy on Oregon...recently retired military, Iraq war vet.....I walk in and he crosses his arms and says "Is this Obamacare? Do I HAVE to do this?"
'uhh...no this is our company insurance....'
'well ill probably get on the Tricare from the VA anyway.....besides...I heard Premera is getting absorbed by obama care...'


Obamacare phone operator who talked to Sean Hannity loses her job

Hope this isnt a dupe!


An Obamacare phone operator who had a conversation with Fox News host Sean Hannity lost her job on Thursday.

On Monday, the “Hannity” host called up the Affordable Care Act phone number provided by the federal government. Eventually, he was connected with Erling Davis, a phone operator working for a private contract company .

Hannity quizzed Davis about technical issues facing the government healthcare website and engaged in some small talk during their 10-minute conversation.

However, on Thursday Davis revealed that she was fired by her employer over the conversation. For his part, Hannity told listeners of his radio show that he will compensate Davis for a year’s salary tax free and try to help her find a new job.

“They fired me from my job,” Davis told Hannity while being interviewed on his radio program.

Hows Arkansas Obamacare working out?

I think I may have helped my super-red midwestern mom-in-law see the light...I hope!
I dont know what city they are in or their income but im pretty sure they are broke and she is really sick due to a botched gastric bypass from years ago....

she told my hubby she wasnt getting Obamacare cause it will cost them 5800 a year....hubby said he knows they just heard that somewhere and didnt actually check into it.....so going with a little trick I read here last week...I told him to dare her to prove him wrong by going and checking it out....she said she would!

so I hope its going well in arkansas...I hope shes pleasently surprised!

Self-Professed ‘Bible Scholar’ Makes Explosive Allegation About Jesus....

Self-Professed ‘Bible Scholar’ Makes Explosive Allegation About Jesus That He Believes Could Rock the Christian Faith to Its Core


On Oct. 19, self-professed Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill is planning to make public some very flammable allegations. At a day-long symposium called "Covert Messiah" in London, England, he's set to unveil purported evidence that Roman aristocrats manufactured Jesus Christ - a claim that, if substantiated, would devalue the core of the Christian faith.

I know this is a "duh" moment for most of us but.....I think this wont be well received......

Soc Sec, Shutdown my mother and my brother...

So my mother is on SS retirement....my brother who has psychotic disorder, is also on SS....he came for a visit a few days ago....I havent seen him since before he got diagnosed and on meds 7 years ago....hes now clean and sober and doing ok...so this visit is a good, healing thing right? yes! except when I asked him when he had to be at the airport to go back and he said he isnt going back lol....apparently his clean and sober house he was living in...isnt....so hes on my couch for now....I will support his efforts of course!

so hes trying to get all his behavioral health stuff transferred to this state....once thats done hopefully they can help him get into a house or living situation here.....hes getting into local AA meetings....but hes worried about his SS getting cut off due to the shut down....apparently my mother told him that....shes worried about her own check....she mentioned something about if she gets cut off shes going to get her guns out etc lol.....so if the NSA is watching im sure they are getting a laugh at the 70 year old woman who can only walk a few feet with a walker lol go get em ma!

in any case...I really hope this stuff gets resolved soon.....sober or not...my family seems to be a lot for me to handle sometimes lol

how has the shutdown affected you personally?

for me - my roommate cant go to Drill (NG reserve) - so he loses some income...which means i lose a couple hundred in rent money...

but i noticed a few things online too....I went to see what the WH petition site was looking like and its down...we went to browse NASA and its down......

People Are Calling This Obamacare Insurance Exchange in Tears


When the exchange opened—17 minutes later than the 8 a.m. scheduled start time—the website and call centers were flooded with inquiries. Walsh said that in the first few hours“it was just raw emotion calling in.” People eager for insurance, at times in tears, wanted to get coverage that they didn’t have before. “They were calling up saying, ‘Can I get my coverage today so I can see my doctor this afternoon?’” he says. “That is in one sense moving but also frustrating because, sure, you can sign up—but the coverage can’t be effective until Jan. 1.”

man....this is So needed.....

my work is being deceptive...

I work in HR - I have attended several meetings where we discuss our Experience Rating (which measures Premiums paid vs Claims Paid)
We have an aging population at my work - alot of older people who are starting to use their medical coverage more often...we have three people recieving cancer treatment and sadly, another who passed away earlier this year.....
this makes our experience rating go thru the roof - claims are double of what we are paying in premiums - they are losing money on us....thats why our premiums are going up in 2014 - plain and simple -

yet - the management here, when putting out a benefits survey, at the top wrote "premiums will be going up due to Obamacare'

obviously, they cant say people are recieving cancer treatment but do we really need to lie to everyone? do we need to perpetuate erroneous propaganda? grrr....

our company has a benefits package that far surpasses the requirements for obamacare - we dont have any part timers...we have very little that we have to do because of obama care....so it makes me mad that they would do this....

How Wal-Mart's Waltons Maintain Their Billionaire Fortune: Taxes

How Wal-Mart's Waltons Maintain Their Billionaire Fortune: Taxes


America's richest family, worth more than $100 billion, has exploited a variety of legal loopholes to avoid the estate tax, according to court records and Internal Revenue Service filings obtained through public-records requests. The Waltons' example highlights how billionaires deftly bypass a tax intended to make sure that the nation's wealthiest contribute their share to government rather than perpetuate dynastic wealth, a notion of fairness voiced by supporters of the estate tax like Warren Buffett and William Gates Sr.

Estate and gift taxes raised only about $14 billion last year. That's about 1 percent of the $1.2 trillion passed down in America each year, mostly by the very rich, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers estimated in a December blog post on Reuters.com. The contrast suggests "our estate tax system is broken," he wrote.

Tax Evasion is a standard business practice these days - didnt it used to be a crime? lol

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