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Member since: Mon Sep 6, 2010, 11:01 PM
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Stephenson needs to resign from the Boy Scouts . He's chosen money over the Boy Scout values and American values!

This was the Boy Scouts jamboree, NOT a political rally!!! Doesn't Trump know the difference?
What are children doing, booing Obama or Clinton?
Who set that up? Or have the scouts been taken over by republicans?
Where were the SCOUT LEADERS, telling their scouts NOT to boo?

I'm disgusted that these kids made any comments about our political leaders. Aren't these jamborees international? How embarrassing on a world stage. I now have a very different view of the Boy Scouts and UNLESS the Boy Scouts DENOUNCE this crazy, unstable person, I will look down on this organization, that I thought was a place for character building!

Did Stephenson encourage the scout leaders to support Trump and his ego at the rally?

Trump is taking everything Americans value down with him!

Who would have thought!

Trump could be investigated and prosecuted for leaks!
We can't get rid of Trump for collusion, being a traitor to our country, but he might be taken down for leaking to the press he hates!


We all talk about the Democratic Party hacked by the Russians, but let's not forget they hacked the Republicans too!

Could the entire Republican Party be blackmailed by Russia? Is that possible?
I can't believe that there's not one Republican who will stand up for our country , democracy and our Constitution !

Supposedly very personal information was released by the hackers from the democratic computers. Three people are suing, this was on Rachel Maddow 7-13-17.

So do the hackers/Russians have personal information that could be released on republicans? Is that the reason that they won't get rid of Trump and family?

If they only stand up for their party and not our country or our Constitution , then they've colluded with the Russians and our guilty of TREASON!!

Friends of Hillary!

I personally think he's friends with the Clinton's, they went to his wedding.
He's so over the top, and makes the GOP debates and campaign a three ringed circus.

Trump makes the Republicans look like the crazies that they are and makes ALL the Republican candidates look unelectable EVEN to Republicans.

He calls them out as liars, tells Jeb Bush his brother should have been impeached for LYING to us about Weapons of Mass Destruction, tells Cruz he made robo calls about him and smeared Dr. Carson.
You have to give Trump credit, he's calling his opponents out for who and what they are. No news media would do that, no reporter today would and the Democrats can't do it.

I think he's a red herring and insuring a Clinton presidency!

Trump is going to be super surprised, because all that anger towards the 1%, politicans bought and paid for by the corporations and lobbyists, which HIllary is apart of, will ensure a BERNIE SANDERS Presidency!


Jobs Created for Whom?

Millions of workers have dropped out of the job market. Too old, too experienced, too expensive, or their jobs have been shipped overseas. These people aren't even included in the unemployed numbers!!!

Every month the government posts all the new jobs.

I want to know what jobs these are?

Minimum wage?
Paying under $40,000 a year?
Temporary job?
A job with no benefits?
Someone with a college degree flipping burgers?

Just what jobs have been created and who fills them?

Only until that information is released will we know what the true employment picture looks like.

Syrian Migrants!

I don't know if this is organized or not, but Frontline had a program on Syria in November, 2015.

The journalist asked these teenage boys a question about life in Syria or their future and the young teenage boy said, when a boy turns 18 in Syria they are conscripted into the military for a year or more!!

I would think that's why we see so many well dressed young men, cellphones in hand, colored sneakers, if no one told me, I'd think they were Americans!

Finally a Politician With a Backbone!

Hopefully other Democratic and Republican politicans will follow Mr. Oceguera and leave the NRA!

Mr. Oceguera is risking political suicide by giving up his NRA membership, but he's putting the safety of the American people ahead of the NRA!

Besides politicians, gun owners across the country should resign from the NRA!

Why do Americans need all these weapons?

No other country in the world has these deadly weapons!
No other country in the world has this number of citizens killed by guns!

Don't blame the movies, video games etc, BECAUSE Canada our neighbor to the north and all the other countries in the world DO NOT have people going on rampages killing people!

These politicians need to STAND UP to the NRA!

Thank you Mr. Oceguera for standing up to the NRA!!!

Repeal the 2nd Amendment!

This is NOT the 1700's when this was put in the Constitution!

In the 1700's you had a rifle that needed gun powder, so it took a long time to load a gun!

Today we have AK-47 's and handguns that are able to shoot many rounds in seconds.

Other countries don't have all these mass shootings, BECAUSE their citizens aren't ALLOWED to own guns!

As soon as Australia had ONE mass shooting, they banned weapons!

In the U.S. When we have a mass shooting, the NRA ENCOURAGES people to go out and BUY MORE WEAPONS! This is insane!!!!!

America should ban ALL WEAPONS! Who needs them?
Other countries don't worry that their governments have guns and that the public doesn't!
So what's wrong with the U.S.?

Let's break the UNITED STATES up into smaller countries, those with the SECOND AMENDMENT and those who don't allow the SECOND AMENDMENT!

I'm tired of all these mass shootings, just when will they stop?
Not UNTIL the people say ENOUGH is ENOUGHT!

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do!

I have advocated for our country to be broken up into different countries, many times!

The country should be broken up with the red and blue states going their own way.

All the over the top NRA gun owners, anti abortion, war for any reason , anti poor, anti government , anti climate change, anti social security,anti obama care, etc... Groups should all live in their own country!

If these Republicans want to carry weapons in the open, or have the freedom to shoot anyone then let them live in their OWN CRAZY country's!

I'd like to live in a safe country with NO GUNS!!!!!
A country that is run by SANE people.

I hope SOMEONE in Congress will suggest that states secede from the UNITED STATES!
The sooner the better.

Paying For Nothing!

My daughter just had a baby, I'm told I have to have a whooping cough vaccination! I've had that vaccination, but now anyone visiting the baby needs a booster shot.

Just whose idea is that?
I think it's the pharmaceutical companies, who are making a ton of money off this.

Whose recommending this vaccination shot?
The doctors, who more than likely are on the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies.

I have medicare, in which $104 is taken out of my very small check.
I've been forced to get Part D which is for prescriptions (I don't take any) that's $45 a month!
I had to get supplemental insurance and that's $113 a month!

When I went to Walgreens I was told the shot would cost $63 and medicare doesn't cover it, another pharmacy said $60 and medicare doesn't cover it.
My Part D doesn't cover the vaccination and neither does my supplemental, they only cover what medicare covers!
So I'm spending $262 every month FOR NOTHING!!
Medicare only covers the Flu, Hepatitis B and a shot for pneumonia!

We are the wealthiest nation in the world and yet our healthcare covers NOTHING!!
If we didn't spend billions of dollars on defense, maybe the American people would have proper medical coverage!

We need Bernie Sanders as our next President! He fights for the people of this country. Our country NEEDS a political revolution!
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