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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
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I got Micheal Moore's Where to Invade Next via iTunes.

And watched it yesterday. It was very eye opening and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I found it amazing how different countries address the same issues and get the results they seem happy with.

Clinton tightens grip on transcripts.

Brookings Institution Report on Poverty

This should be of great concern to all of us, regardless of our political preferences. The report speaks for itself:


Obama tells Fox News his biggest regret is what transpired in Libya.

That speaks volumes to how poorly he let Hillary push him into it. Yet, he backs her. It's likely not due to her similar beliefs but her helping his legacy instead. God forbid Bernie should begin to improve things for the middle class by bringing in a new breed of progressives. By all means, we mustn't change the Obama accomplishments and trade agreements.

Thanks for bringing this topic up, MM

I like many others have no answer for you at this time. And some won't have answers for you the day before, the day of and the day after the election. Some are questioning if they're even in the party that supports their interest.

In case you've missed anything, there has been a lot of animosity on this site and in other media sources. How do you undo the choreographed opposition presented by your candidate, the DNC, the bought-in super delegates, the corporate media and slimers like David Brock? Most people have memories and don't just flip a switch and go the other direction. So Sanders supporters like me have a lot to consider. Asking us to rally now with Wisconsin, New York, Florida and California ahead is not only premature, it is rubbing it in our faces, even though your concern is genuine.

Will Hillary drop out before her indictment or

wait until the DOJ and FBI nail her to respectfully withdraw her candidacy? I'm fine with either but my preference is that she bail out sooner than later to allow Bernie to start focusing on Trump.
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