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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
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Bill and Chelsea talking in Iowa

behind them is a banner that states "We will maintain". Is there anything more obvious than that? Maintaining the status quo will kill the party and hurt everyone, even the wealthy. But, by God, let's not strive for anything better.


It appears the Clinton marching orders are out.

We are seeing a flood of bogus, and immaterial claims coming from the usual suspects. I expect at least some are doing it for income. But the underlying disturbance was designed to try to put Sanders supporters on their heels.

Keep in mind that only one thing counts before Bernie takes New Hampshire. And that is the new wave of young and energized voters get to the caucuses and represent Bernie. This has become a war and we need to think of it as such. Polls don't tell us whether the young voters will show up. So it's DefCon 5 time until Monday night.

When the primaries are over, we can all reassess our positions. But between now and then, it time to battle the "establishment-means-no" wing of what's left of the Democratic Party.

MSNBC in full frontal attack of Sanders

After last nights Tweety performance followed by Chris Hayes' Sanders attack, now Andrea had Tweety on to say Bernie is campaigning negatively and the press is "catching on". Next is pretty boy Brian Fallon, the slick Clinton press guy to promote her and run down Bernie. He must have sold used cars at some point in his brief career.

I watch this stuff as it is better to keep your enemies close. Otherwise, they are worthless space takers.

A Tweety quote from today.

"I'm impressed with how far women have come in the last 40-50 years."

Rea-fucking-lly? He was referring to an Obama comment about how Obama wants more women in politics. I'm all for having honest, qualified men and women in politics and every other field of endeavor. But 40-50 years is so far behind the curve it is obscene.

How does this moron still have a job. His Carter speech writing days are long gone and so should Chris Matthews be.

Elizabeth Warren on Money in Politics

If there was any doubt who she will be supporting for president, this very much shuts the door on Hill. Not really a surprise but pleasing just the same.

US will sign Pacific trade deal on Feb. 4

This just turns my stomach. Obama's biggest failure during his 8 years.


Just shill.

And the firm has a long alliance with Democrat Hillary Clinton dating back to her Senate days. Goldman Sachs gave $169,850 to Clinton’s presidential campaign and super PAC, according to CRP’s analysis. The bank doled out $675,000 in speaking fees to Clinton after she left office.


And you expect Hill to act in the best interest of the majority of Americans when Goldman Sachs recommends eliminating Social Security, Medicare and other social programs? Riiiiight. . . .

When Wee,Willy Clinton says

"In politics, three weeks is an eternity", you know he and his wife are in panic mode. The audience barely recognized what he said. At least he learned his fairy tale lesson.

How do you feel about this idea being floated?

Andrea Mitchell was talking with Tad Devine of Bernie's campaign and asked him the following: If Bernie wins in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, there is talk about replacing Hillary with someone else like Joe Biden because the establishment doesn't think Bernie is electable. How do you feel about that? Tad said as more people get to know Bernie, they'll recognize that he is electable.

This just shows how despicable the Dem establishment is. Claire McCaskill said the GOP ads against Bernie will contain a hammer and sickle. I say we throw out establishment fools like McCaskill and turn the DNC on its head.

The Andrea Greenspan Show

Has a parade of Hill supporters on to try to convince America that Bernie is a mirage and Hill is the only electable candidate. If they only saw how ridiculous they look including Jeanne Cummings, Ruth Marcus and Tom Vilsack so far. Leave it to Andrea to pull a snake out of a hat.
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