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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
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There is a wide spectrum of ideology that

exists to the left of the far right radicals. I'm afraid Mr. Obama (whom I voted and contributed to twice) is at the leading edge of the right side of that remaining space. That is why it is a general consensus that this country is a right of center country. Unfortunately, the neocons have put together a powerful and effective machine in TV, radio, big business, evangelical Christians and the Supreme Court that influences the less intelligent/ knowledgeable to believe what they hear.

Even though the Dems have won the latest presidential elections, the local races have been lost, in part due to what they see and hear from the conservative machine. As in "all politics are local." We'll never know for sure how we would feel had a more leftist President been in office for the last 6 years. But I doubt it would have been much worst and possibly much better overall.

I will never forgive President Obama for three main things:
1. Not encouraging justice for the prior administration for the torturing of innocent people. That alone opens the door for future presidents to step beyond what was done previously, and,

2. Pursuing Edward Snowden for criminal acts, while allowing a former Army general to walk for sharing classified information to his previous sexual partner. Petreus's actions were just as damning as Snowden's. However, Edward Snowden's information brought about some improvements to the NSA. Petreus did absolutely no good to anyone.

3. Developing another mistake of a trade policy in the TTP.

These failures to act responsibly cause me to doubt Mr. Obama's decision making.

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