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floriduck's Journal
floriduck's Journal
December 23, 2015

With all the posts about supporting the eventual

primary winner, I pose this question. If Hill wins and begins the GE campaign against the eventual GOP opponent, and either a real scandal or the GOP gains traction for whatever reason, would it not be wise to then support the runner-up? What if the runner-up (Bernie?)polls much better than Hill against the GOP and brings cross-over GOP votes with them?

This might sound highly unlikely but it is a real possibility. So I ask this question sincerely.

December 18, 2015

Debbie W-S is destroying whatever is left of the

Democratic Party. Under her astute guidance, we have continued to lose house and senate seats and now we'll likely lose the presidency. What a pathetic example of true leadership.

December 15, 2015

Will Hillary Clinton Flip on Trade?

Her prior twists and turns result in her lack of credibility when she sort of takes a position.

"Since officially announcing her candidacy in April, Clinton has managed to avoid the wrath of her party’s left wing — despite Bernie Sanders’ rocketing rise in the New Hampshire and Iowa polls — by opposing the Keystone XL pipeline and aligning herself with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on student-loan reform. But reacting to the polarizing TPP deal is one of the most excruciating policy decisions of her campaign thus far — and far more politically perilous with Democratic primary voters than her backing of Obama’s Iran deal.
It’s an unwelcome flashback to 2008 when another liberal free-trade skeptic — Obama — pointedly vowed to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement rammed through by her husband in the 1990s."
"Perhaps more than on any other issue, Clinton’s positions on trade illuminate questions that continue to nag at her candidacy: What does she really stand for? Will she go to bat for the party's progressive base? Has she really distanced herself from the shadow of her husband's administration?"


December 15, 2015

Tweety must have knotted his shorts

Both Heidi Pryzbylla and Michelle Bernard (along with some lady I'm not familiar with) were discussing why Hill isn't getting the millennial vote as much as the seniors. Heidi referred to Hill's supporters as "the shoulder pad group". How funny! She was referencing the time when women wore tops with shoulder pads.

Then Tweety had to put his two worthless cents in on how good Hill is. The ladies weren't buying what he was selling. I love it when Tweety gets put in his place by intelligent analysis.

Bern the hell on!

December 2, 2015

Just read that former

Bill Clinton aide, Sandy Berger died. I hadn't seen any Hillxxx post this so I wanted to share it. Sorry to hear this news.

December 1, 2015

Where do the Teamsters stand?

As I was backing out of a pet food store parking stall today, I was pleased to see a bumper sticker that read, "Teamsters for Bernie Sanders". I hadn't heard where the national party landed, endorsement-wise. But at least some local union members are Feelin' the Bern.

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