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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
Number of posts: 2,262

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My Washington precinct

Consisted of 42 people. And we were allotted 7 delegates. Of that total, 5 went to Bernie and 2 to Hillary. As precinct Commitee Officer, it still amazes me the power these 42 people had. They represented 7% of the state total. That alone is reason enough to eliminate the caucus process and move to an actual primary.

Don't misunderstand, I am a Bernie supporter. But based on the limited space we had for our Legislative District, there is no way we could include everyone who would have voted over those who caucused.

I'm hoping Bill stays away from the caucus in my precinct.

If he shows up, bullhorn in hand, I will first ask security/police to keep him at the minimum distance from the building. And I will insist he stay out of the building unless he is a registered Washington State voter. Since I am the precinct captain, he cannot prevent me from allowing all voters who have arrived and registered to vote.

I hope other precinct volunteers and/or captains do the same. His shit has gotten stale.

The American "Democrats" who voted for Hill or didn't vote at all,

the corporate media and corporate world are about to reap what they sow. If anyone thinks life will improve for those who need it most, they will be sadly mistaken.

I've enjoyed my time out. It gave me a chance to consider my future. Peace to the Bernie supporters. Have a Happy St Patrick's Day too.

Finley: Clinton is exploiting Flint crisis

The mayor, the narrative continues, urged Hillary to go on national TV and demand action to purify Flint’s water and bring aid to the city’s residents.

And so she did, and, “They got the money,” Bill Clinton says. Wow.

Except it’s largely bullwhacky. A distortion of cause and effect. And an exploitation of the tragedy in Flint.

Hillary Clinton’s jawboning on the Rachel Maddow show didn’t awaken the nation to Flint. Cher’s bizarre call for Snyder’s execution got more play. Clinton was actually late to the party. By the time she discovered Flint, the enormous task of fixing the water and bringing help to residents had already been set in motion.

In fact, she ignored Flint in early January when she came to Detroit to pick up fundraising checks. It wasn’t until she saw the opportunity to make political hay that she jumped on


OMFG, Tweety to interview Bernie

tomorrow at 8PM EST. I'm not sure I can tolerate Matthews attempt to trash Bernie face-to-face. I stopped watching that clown weeks ago.

It's not just you.

It's the single digit numbers that think Hillary is honest and trustworthy.


Bernin' it up!

In my Andy Rooney voice,

"Have you noticed how Hillary supporters can't just post an OP in the GD-Hillary Clinton protected forum. They feel the need to duplicate it on the GD-Primaries forum also. Redundancy is one thing. But I have concluded that they need to read the same thing twice in order to memorize their lies and fiction."

Hillary is NOT a single issue candidate.

Her "No we can't" position applies to many issues. For some reason, she seems to find a new slogan and wear it around her neck until it gets tarnished.

Campaign by-product

One of the most critical result of this Sanders-Clinton campaign is what is happening to the people observing this race. As the corporate media and establishment members continue to attempt to sway voters toward Hillary Clinton, the average voter will become even less tolerant with these influence peddlers. It started in Iowa, got stronger in NH, will increase in Nevada and I don't expect it to stop with SC.

People in general want to see improvement. They have experienced what Hillary has to offer from her husband and, to a certain degree, Barack Obama. They are not fans of Wall Street or corporations that close US factories and move them to foreign countries.

The young voter turnout is not going to subside either. These kids have a heavier financial load on them day one than any generation before them. And they want a chance; one better than Hillary is offering them.

Women are asking why Hillary wants to help them but limit the minimum wage to $12 per hour. But most importantly, Hillary Clinton and her negativity towards doing more feels like a wet blanket to people who want to see things improve.

I, for one, am pleased that she has chosen dirt spreaders like David Brock to attack Bernie. The transparency is increasing the focus as to what is and has been going on.

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