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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
Number of posts: 2,262

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‘Saudi Arabia’s Plan B on Syria calls for support for terrorists’

Thanks to Madam Secretary for her contributions to supporting a country who supports terrorism.


When the primaries are done and the Dem nominee is officially declared, will DU block

whatever the losing supporters have been posting? And if that happens, can this site continue to exist with Bernie or Hillary supporters only? I'm just curious, not trying to stir the pot. I wasn't a member in 2008 so I don't know how this works.

How will this end up?

I can't help wonder whether the Egyptair tragedy will end up being the latest terrorist act supported and/or sponsored by Saudi Arabia. These people are flat out bad actors and need to be watched very closely.

Kasie Hunt on With All Due Respect just stated that the CA primary could be very big for Bernie.

Then there's DINO Harold Ford Jr waving his Hillary banner. But Donny Deutsch backs Kasie Hunt. How can they be allowed to say such things on MSNBC? Likely Kasie's last appearance on that network.

CNN seems so upset that Philadelphia might become a war zone due to those pesky Sanders people.

Wolf is just a mess over this next world war. This couldn't have been more comical. Then they get Little Debbie on to talk about the flying chairs in Nevada. I wish they could get an Emmy for their acting. But they just can't do the whole sincere thing. Maybe they could get qualified actors to do their acting.

Funny as shit in a crock pot!

Has Bernie wrapped up another two wins yet?

Let's get this done with and move on so he can continue to get CA and DC won too.

Mystery: Emails From Hillary’s Top Geek Are M.I.A. - The Daily Beast

There have been other reports on this issue but not from a publication that supports Hillary. So I decided to share this. Enjoy the article.


Agreed, Cali. There is no good argument against your post. Just neoliberal white noise.

How fucked up is this?

Every single county in Washington State went for Sanders. And every single super delegate in Washington State endorsed Clinton. Now that's really supporting your citizenry, right? No, fucking WRONG. I will have to reevaluate my down ballot picks.

If only Hillary had showed some genuine remorse for her Iraq vote.

And if only Hillary had left well enough alone with Libya. And if she had a sincere populist bone in her body. Had she demonstrated these features when she announced her candidacy, we would have many, more Hillary supporters today, with little concern for the GOP and Mr Trump. And I believe had she done those things, Bernie Sanders would have been happy to support her then and never run against her.

She could have made life so much easier on herself. But that is not who she is or where we are. She has this sense of entitlement, as demonstrated by her unsecured server issues to avoid FOIA requests, her going behind President Obama's back (Sidney Blumenthal) and her scheme to create the Hillary Victory Fund before she even announced.

If we end up with a President a Trump, and I'm NOT voting for him, she can look back at how her prior decisions cost her any chance at the presidency.
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