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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
Number of posts: 2,262

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Bernie will be the Savior of the Democratic Party.

Thank goodness he is still in it as a solid option to corruption.

TYT will do it.

Cenk Uygur (@cenkuygur)
5/26/16, 3:13 PM
We're all in. @TheYoungTurks will give $1 million to charity if @realDonaldTrump and @BernieSanders debate on TYT before CA primary.

Will Debbie W-Schultz be gone before the election?

There seems to be a group of Dem senators wanting her out as a sign of reconciliation with the Bernie supporters. Bill Moyers referred to this so feel free to find the link yourselves. But as a Sanders supporter, the damage she's done is too late to try to patch things up. This, to me, is a bogus gesture. Please do throw her out. But the damage is beyond control.

And THAT is my opinion. If you disagree, tell someone who gives a shit!

Right now, the two most likely candidates for the GE are Hillary and Trump. Let's look forward.

If Trump ends up winning the GE, I see where a 2020 race will be crucial to the Dems (and maybe the Repubs). Hillary would not run again. So who would be the most likely candidate in four years?

Maybe Elizabeth Warren. It would be great if she became our first progressive woman president. What other candidates might make a good progressive leader? Sherrod Brown?

Any ideas if this scenario occurs? This is not about saying the Trump presidency can't happen. It's about how we go forward in the event it does happen.

There seems to be a common denominator with the FBI investigations.

And it relates to the Clinton Global initiative. Could this have been spawned as a result of their investigation of the unsecured server the Clintons set up in their NY home? Maybe Brian Pagliano can shed some light on it.


I agree with this completely.

Naomi Klein Takes Down Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Trust Her on Climate at All’ (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Is The Jeb Bush Of The Left

"There were similarly reverential pronouncements of inevitability when Hillary Clinton released a sunny YouTube video announcing her presidential plans. Like Jeb, she put in the time in the policy trenches. She earned it. And like Jeb, she literally spent decades meeting donors, building teams, growing trust with party officials, fostering loyalties—doing everything right. Jeb and Hillary headed into their parties’ respective primaries with godlike name ID’s and rapper money. And everyone freaked out; the parties, after all, would decide—so how could they not win?"


Trumps poll numbers are surging. Hillary is losing more steam.


As honest and factual as the day is long. He's always told it like it is.


Rick Larsen sold his soul.

Rick Larsen had this coming. He's one of many super delegates ignoring Bernie's 72% of the caucus results to support Hillary. He'll be voted out next term. Book it!

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