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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
Number of posts: 2,262

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Classy Bernie. This gives you an idea why so many of us supported him in the primaries. That

and his policies. Now we move forward.

See ya. Wish I could say it's been fun but I'd be lying.

I saw my first TRUMP bumper sticker on a construction worker's truck yesterday.

Living in western Washinton, it stood out like a sore, ignorant, confused thumb.

Thank goodness Randi Rhodes is back on the air. She's a great Democrat and American.

Loretta Lynch to speak soon on CNN.

In case anyone is interested. . . . .

Carl Bernstein just said on CNN that Loretta Lynch needs to recuse herself from the Clinton

FBI investigation should an indictment be recommended by James Comey.

Don't kill the messenger but the media, even Clinton supporting media is outraged over this event.

Does this eliminate Tim from VP consideration?

Kaine accepted clothes, vacation as gifts


A good look at down ballot battles from GOP redistricting.

This is a bit concerning but gives good detail in the writer's logic.

Hillary Clinton has a substantial lead in the polls over Donald Trump, and has vastly more cash on hand. But when it comes to spending that cash, her campaign may be making a strategic miscalculation. The campaign and an allied super PAC have reserved $137 million of ads across eight states — yet they’ve conspicuously left out the state that might be likeliest to tip the 2016 election: Pennsylvania.

Michigan and Wisconsin were absent from the list, as well, but the Keystone State is the most curious Rust Belt omission. In May, we laid out the case for why the Keystone State could be on pace to decide a close national race. Evidently, Democratic ad strategists don’t share that view. Last week, former Obama advisor David Plouffe tweeted that the buy “shows real discipline” because “PA is not a true battleground.” That’s a bit of bravado, considering it was tied for Obama’s fourth-closest win in 2012.

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