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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
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Tweety on Thom Hartmann Show now.

Tweety calls Bernie just a Socialist, claims he is nothing more. When Thom tries to rebut, Chris said, "I don't want to argue." Tweety wants to just say his peace and get off. He then states "Bernie might win 5 or 6 primaries and that's all."

When Thom said Bernie's been on his show once a week for 10 years, Tweets said "You know him better than I do. I don't know him."

It is astonishing how closed minded Hill backers are, especially when they admit they don't know him. It tickles me to listen to such ignorance.

The more the corporate media backs Hillary,

the more they wake up young and independent voters who are taking positive views of Bernie. I am actually pleased with what the Tweety's of the world are doing to help Bernie. And the corporate generals are living in a fantasy world since they only pay attention to their peers. Even young women, who Hill has pandered to since day one, are turning away from her.

This is a really fun race!

Can we at least all agree

that it is TRU that TRUmp and TRUsted are both worthless opportunists that add no value to the majority of Americans?!

Anybody disagree?

Yesterday during Bernie's C-Span rally,

a Clinton supporter called in to say he disagreed with free public college education. His reasoning was that he had to pay his student loans so everyone should.

This caller reminded me of a typical Republican argument. They got theirs and don't want anyone else to get a better break. If you look at Hillary's position on healthcare, it is nearly identical. She refuses to fight for a better system because she's got her own already. She fought for CHIP but unwilling to work to get the remaining uninsured help or fight to reduce our bloated prescription costs.

I just can't support that thinking.

Bern on!
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