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Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: Greatest Nation in the World!
Member since: Sun Aug 29, 2010, 06:45 PM
Number of posts: 131

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I agree with this post...

If it were just about how many children were killed, that many and more are killed in Chicago everyday and the media just shrugs if off as an everyday occurrence...they don't even care. It has been this way for the last three or four years, each year the death toll in Chicago has been over three hundred or close to it, and no one has given a browny-chit about how old they were or how many died, especially not the MSM....now tell me again it is not about what color the children were, or that it does not make any difference that the children were white....as to the screams for more gun control, Black children die on a second-by-second basis somewhere in the U.S. from gun violence, have been for decades, where has the raised voices calling for more severe gun control been? Mostly SILENT! Until now. I am not begrudging the outcries for more gun control, because whatever happens may help save hundreds of thousands of "children's lives" no matter the color, but let's not pretend that the color, age, and background did not form a perfect image for the white MSM to pick up and carry this story....because all of these things did, and always will. My heart aches for any parent that loses a child, I have been there, I know the pain, the hurt and the anger of losing a child because someone else was experiencing problems with, and in, his own private world, and a gun was easily available for him to use, so this issue is personal to me. Any coverage on this issue is good coverage, but is it "fair" coverage to other, far more browner children who die from and because of the same reasons, that should be the question. Thank you.

Do not get so upset over this republican...

She is just a male version of Joe, a republican "Miss Idiot". As one of the millions of minorities that Mitt spoke of in his little phone call from Hell, I do not take these idiots serious, what they say, or how or why they say it. This little "miss misspoken" will continue to carry the pails of stale republican water, while living in the land of delusion. Republicans do not need to change their brand, they need to change their hearts. These people are for real, their hate is for real, and instead of pretending to care about the poor, the elderly, minorities and women, I want to continue to see the REAL side of them, the honest side, the racist side, the side filled with hate, bigotry, and indifference toward people. I want to see the real side of my enemy, not the made-up, pretend-to-care side that these ignorant, hateful individuals invent to try and pull the wool over my eyes and millions of other minorities just to try and get our votes. Thanks but no thanks---change for these folks will take longer than two years, until the next election, it will take two or three generations. It has been how many decades since they pretended to release the slaves and embrace Blacks, and look how that little "Heart-felt-experience" has worked out. I will say it again, if the Hispanic community thinks that anything these maggots does is made from the heart, they will be fools. Whatever "legislation" is agreed upon, by republicans, concerning immigration will have been decided in some dark nasty back room, and will eventfully have millions of offsides that these people will use to denigrate and try to destroy the Hispanic community...these folks are not, and have never been, an honest, trustworthy group of folks, and now their backs and their thirst for power is up against the wall, they will do whatever evil they need to do to stay relevant. Sorry for the long post, but I do not trust these folks at all.
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