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LA cops screw up again ....


LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- A former beauty queen is suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department after she says deputies kicked down the wrong apartment door, pointed guns at her and her fiancee and watched as she got out of bed, naked.
Calenche Ranae Manos, a former Miss Nevada 2007, says in her lawsuit that the incident happened on the night of November 15, 2011.


Manos and her fiancee, Eric Otto Ryder, say deputies had a search warrant for apartment "C" but entered their unit -- clearly marked as apartment "A."
"At that time Ms. Manos was still in bed and was naked," the complaint, obtained by Courthouse News Service, states.


"The sheriff deputies, all of which were male and armed with guns, ordered Ms. Manos to get out of bed and then watched as she attempted to do so," it alleges.


One of the officers allegedly joked that Manos would have a good story to tell at Thanksgiving.

More on Mr. Holmes PhD. student


The suspected "lone-wolf" shooter of the Batman movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo., earlier today has been identified as Ph.D. student James Holmes, who recently withdrew from his neuroscience studies at the University of Colorado before shooting up "The Dark Knight Rises" screening.
Holmes, 24, moved to Aurora to pursue his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado medical center, living just blocks from the hospital in an apartment that is now laced with explosives and being searched by HazMat teams.


Holmes was caught by police in the parking lot of the movie theater shortly after the shooting still dressed in his riot gear, an outfit eerily similar to a villain in "The Dark Knight Rises." He warned police that his Aurora apartment was booby-trapped, leading police to evacuate the apartment complex. They were working this morning to gain entry to and diffuse the apartment, which they said seems to be "elaborately" rigged with explosives.
"The pictures we have from inside the apartment are pretty disturbing considering how elaborate the apartment is booby trapped," police said outside of the apartment complex today. The "flammable and explosive" materials could have blown up Holmes' apartment building and the ones near it, police said.


on Ann Romney's"you people"

it seems that ABC and the New Yorker
have said Ann Romney didn't say it ...


You People? – What Did Ann Romney Say About Mitt’s Taxes on GMA? – There’s a Debate Online.
Was it – “And we’ve given all people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how — you know, how we live our life.”
Or was it – “And we’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how — you know, how we live our life.”
Our ruling after reviewing the original audio is that she did not include the “you.”
Judge for yourself - http://abcn.ws/PnqXZP


As a rule of thumb, "you people" is not a very nice way to address a group of people. Sometimes, it comes off as racist. Or it can seem scornful and condescending when the utterer is, say, extraordinarily wealthy and "you people" refers to the American public. So when Ann Romney told Good Morning America today that she and her husband had released "all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation," it was the verbal equivalent of watching her trample a homeless man on her dressage horse, and predictably, the quote went viral.
The only problem is that, after watching the video, we're pretty sure she never said it.


Sounds more like "We've given all [stumble] people need to know," if you ask us. The letter y definitely makes an appearance in there, but the word you does not. Maybe Romney was going to say, "We've given all you need to know," and decided at the last moment to replace "you" with "people."

the reason I am posting this is to provide a different look at this situation.

ok Gov. Purdue lost the override on Fracking (sp)

what about the other veto's .... how did those turn out ...
I didn't see the N&O ....

hmmm have been looking

for the gun/RTKBA area and can not
find it .... do I need new glasses or
is it hidden or what ....
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