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Member since: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 11:23 AM
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I have a question IRT the Hostess situation.

some of us were talking at work. non union shop, and no one involved has ever been in a union (myself included).

with the way the Hostess situation was reported in the press,
where basically a smaller group basically shut down the company
and cost 18k people their jobs. do you think this helped or hurt
over all union recruiting, and of the non union people who lost
their jobs how likely do you think they will join a union in their next job?

it appears Hostess has some buyers interested.


Hostess Brands, the maker of the iconic Twinkies snack cakes, may find a buyer when it heads to bankruptcy court today to liquidate the 82-year-old company, the company’s CEO says.
Con Agra and Flowers Foods are among the companies that have expressed interest in Hostess, but Mexican company El Grupo Bimbo may have an edge, the Christian Science Monitor reported Saturday. Grupo Bimbo, headed by Mexican billionaire Daniel Servitje Montull, is the largest bread-baking company in the world.


Economists say part of the reason Hostess struggled was due to high sugar tariffs meant to protect local producers, the Monitor reported. Grupo Bimbo could take advantage of lower sugar prices in Mexico.

The company’s sales had dropped over the years as mothers began swapping healthier choices to the fat-filled snack cakes and white bread. It filed for bankruptcy twice – once in 2004 and again in January.

one thing I was very happy about

Virginia Eminent Domain Amendment

keeps the gov. from taking private property
and selling it to a developer. kinda like Kelso.
I wish NC had it.

Boner willing to accept new tax revenue


hey it is a starting position.

House Speaker John A. Boehner said Wednesday that Republicans are “willing to accept new revenue” coming to the federal government as part of a new debt deal, offering an early olive branch in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election.
But the Ohio Republican said new tax money must not come from higher tax rates — something President Obama has pushed for, at least for the wealthy — and said it should come instead from getting rid of loopholes that distort the tax code.


“Does the increased revenue come from government taking a larger share of what the American people earn through higher tax rates?” Mr. Boehner told reporters in a speech at the Capitol a day after he saw voters renew but slim his majority. “Or does it come as the byproduct of a growing economy, energized by a simpler, cleaner, fairer tax code, with fewer loopholes, and lower rates for all?”


Mr. Boehner also signaled that any deal that brings in new money to the government would have to include changes to entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, which take up an ever-increasing share of government spending.
Mr. Boehner pointed back to discussions he had with Mr. Obama last year, during the height of the debt showdown, when he said they talked about a deal that would lower tax rates but close enough loopholes to bring in more money to federal coffers.

Read more: Boehner: GOP willing to accept new tax revenue - Washington Times http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/nov/7/boehner-gop-willing-accept-new-tax-revenue/#ixzz2BZrq70wj
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a mixed bag this morning mostly good a little bad but I am very happy

first thank you to those who gave me some good & kind advice
faithful citizen and Hippo_Tron, BlueDemKev, and others who
talked to me.

the good news of course is that Obama was reelected,
and if memory in 08 it was almost 11:00pm EST when they called
the election, not sure when they called it this time.

the other good news is that we still control the Senate.
picked up 2 seats because the bench for the GOP is so deep with

the little bad is of course the GOP still holds the house, 25 seats to flip is alot. and here in NC we still have a GOP house and senate and now
Gov. McCeepy is the new gov.

very happy all around just got home from work, (7p-7a) no internet,
and not much TV, mostly just radio. and now to bed.

have been looking at polling data

( I know it makes me crazy ) however it appears we are
going to pick up at least 2 seats in the Senate.

Maine ( an Indie but I think he will caucause with the Dems)

Mass. Brown loses.

anyone know of anyother pick ups?

I have another poll question
most models show NC going to the GOP
why? Turnout appears strong here.

trying not to be a doug downer ... however

this is just my observation ... do not know if it is
from being exhausted or what ...
this doesn't feel like 08 ... the joy isn't there ...
I do not trust the polls ... something just doesn't feel
right .... 2 of my best friends .. people who always vote
Dem .. took their Obama signs down and told me they
were voting for Romney .... because of Libya .... and
the way it was handled .... I will be glad when this is over
thanks for letting me rant ... everything is probably gonna
be fine ... this season just seems long this time...

I am soooo ready for this to be OVER !

I am sick of the robo calls ... ( at least if there was a person on the other end I could tell em I already voted ...)

I am sick of the piles of junk mail .....

I am sick of the TV / Radio ads ....

please just be over !

/sorry I am done ranting for now ....
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