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Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2010, 01:33 AM
Number of posts: 92

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I'm very familiar with that area of the Bronx

St Mary's Park is a pretty sizable Park it's not as big as Central Park but it's big enough. Although it's very hilly. For a typical Bernie Rally crowd it can fit! At least Bernie is from Brooklyn and the Bronxite in me love him back! You won't find Hillary here in the South Bronx!

Clarence Thomas is more like this

Although he is the Real Uncle Ruckus!

Maybe the Water Boy is a fan of Wu Tang Financial

He's a fan of those guys!

No surprise!!

For someone who says "Fuck it, We'll do it live" and has a pattern of brash behavior bullying everybody, being a domestic abuser is probably a step up for Bill O'Reilly.
Of course he's going to pontificate against black people, women, liberals, etc. and get a bigger raise at Fox News. Thugs like him are a danger to the community

Just come out Bryan!!!

Maybe Bryan Fischer wants to be "handled" by a gay TSA agent. Me thinks he doth protest too much! Just come out of the closet Bryan! It's OK to be gay besides you love it more when you're OUT!!!

Let's not forget

Let's not forget the residents of Washington, DC who can vote for POTUS but lack true Congressional Representation and voting powers in Congress. It's sad that the great Eleanor Holmes Norton represents all DC residents as a Delegate but can't vote on the House Floor with no Senators from DC. I understand statehood has to be granted "from the several states" as per the Constitution but granting statehood and citizenship needs as serious update however politically uncomfortable it is to deal with!



A Congress full of Homer Simpsons is better than the inept ReTHUGS!

So wait a minute here!

Lemme get this straight ... "Rev" Pat says vegetables are ungodly so does that mean vegans and vegetarians are junkies? WOW Because their addiction to vegetables is on the Tyrone Biggums /Bubbles from The Wire level!

Mr. Noun and Verb + 9/11

Giuliani ALWAYS HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE an asshole. He was an asshole when he was mayor and a major asshole now! So awarding him asshole of the day doesn't faze this guy! I just wish he would just STFU forever and disappear!

What Law School did this "Judge" came from?

He keeps quoting from the Declaration of Independence which is not the basis of creating laws from. Did he learn that from "JimBob's School of Law, God and Stuff" It seems like Judge Moore is more happy to deny the pursuit of happiness from Gay people to marry! What a dolt!

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