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Profile Information

Name: Joe
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Home country: USA
Current location: Cleveland
Member since: Wed Jul 14, 2010, 11:24 AM
Number of posts: 521

About Me

Creator/host of political comedy show Mildly Relevant News (http://youtube.com/MildlyRelevant) and MildlyRelevant.com.

Journal Archives

Military Vaginal Drones In Virginia?

Military drones in your neighborhood? You betcha! And Michael Bay is responsible for them. So you know you’re f*cked!

Question: Do you want drones in your neighborhood?

Ron Paul Fest 2012 and Birther-ish Romney

Can Ron Paul supporters out draw Mitt Romney’s Republican Convention? So long as they find a way to make a discussion of monetary policy more interesting than Mitt Romney. In other words - yes.

Question: Will PaulFest out draw the Republican National Convention?

Newt’s Last Stand: Dispatches From The Frontlines of Republican Politics, Part 3

I awoke the next morning trapped in one of those purgatorial hazes where you need several minutes of mental calibration to reacquaint yourself with your surroundings. Slowly, the realization dawned on me. I was lying on a soiled mattress in a flophouse on the edge of town. I peaked around a corner to find Tammy cooking something in the kitchen, and judging by the smell it wasn’t eggs. I took stock of myself, hoping against hope that in my alcohol and drug induced stupor the night before I hadn’t gone so far as to make as big of a mistake as my current situation would lead me to believe. Just then Tammy came back into the room.

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Pastor Wants To Electrocute "Lesbians" and "Queers"

YouTube loves anti-gay pastors and our Canadian Correspondent breaks down the latest in bigotry engineering. Bigotry Engineering: A Bachelors program exclusive to Liberty University.

Question: Why does YouTube like hateful, sexually repressed pastors more than me!?

Republican Josh Mandel Can't Handle The Truth

Republican, Josh Mandel, is responsible for Ape Rape! Find out more on tonight’s episode of Mildly Relevant News.

Question: Is PolitiFact biased?

Babies These Days...

Over 83% of England is English, over 94% of China is Chinese. And yet here we are, the greatest country in the world, and only 0.2% of our country is Native American.

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Robin Hood as Seen Through the Eyes of Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans

The legend of Robin Hood can be viewed as a reassurance of one’s political ideology. This comes as no surprise, since most partisan ideologues only allow reality to be as it fits their worldview. But Robin Hood has all the makings of a political hero. He robbed the rich to feed the poor and there were taxes and stuff. Depending on your political leanings, you probably view the legend differently. Below details what I surmise a Democrat, Libertarian and Republican would have to say about Sir Robin of Locksley.

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A Fox News guest calls Warren Buffet a disgrace and François Hollande gets struck by lighting. Some call it a bad omen, I say it was Socialist Zeus spreading the electricity around.

Question: Is Warren Buffett disgraceful?

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Exposing "The Homosexual Agenda"

Earlier this week, I stumbled across a bona fide copy of “The Homoxeual Agenda.” Now America can finally know what the gay community is really up to:

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Allen West Says Gay Discrimination Don't Happen Here

Allen West says discrimination don’t happen here as Virginia boldly shows... yes, yes it does. TONIGHT on Mildly Relevant News.

Question: What else don’t happen in this here America?

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