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Sunday talk show guest suggest the 47% don't

I heard more than one guest on the Sunday morning news programs suggest that they would not be averse to discussing the need for the Federal Government setting a minimum Federal Tax that all income levels would pay. I believe the justification for this idea was they felt this would give every American a sense of having "skin in the game". I believe I heard Tim Cain, Deval Patrick and someone on "Up with Chris Hayes" express similar sentient.

My thought is that lower income people who pay all the taxes they are legally required to, pay a far higher price to be a citizen of this nation than any billionaire ass-wipe. The person that will break down your door and rush into your burning house to pull your family to safety will never be someone from the 1 %. When a gunmen wielding an automatic weapon opens fire in a public place one of us low life free loaders will be the ones to place ourselves between them and the public. While the 1% plans how to distribute the wealth of the world between them it is us moochers that will be sent to war to lay down our lives to assure their financial domination. Skin? The common has and continues to contribute more to this nation than all the billionaires who will ever live.

Shame on the Democrats on the news programs today that did not remind the Republicans and the news moderators of the great sacrifice that we make every day that is greater than any token monetary assessment that would make us feel like we were real Americans.
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