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Member since: Thu Jul 1, 2010, 09:10 AM
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I am a soon to be former medical administrator. I am not retiring. I am dying. And I'm mad about it. Insurance companies are the devil.

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re: Medical Admin

I thought everyone should know that my husband passed away a little more than a month ago. He had devoted the last part of his life to his family, but I know that he really appreciated Democratic Underground and often mentioned to me some particularly good argument he had, or some new information that he learned while posting here.

I would like to thank everyone on here for giving him such passion and fun. I appreciate it and I know he did. I only wish he hadn't been taken (and yes, I do mean taken) from us so early. He was truly a renaissance man. In his life he had worked as a social worker, teacher, oil worker, conductor, print and publishing sales, and an officer. His last career was as a medical administrator, a job that he was gravely passionate about.

I miss him more than words can explain. I feel it like a knife twisting in my heart. I wake up in the night and he isn't there. I look for him to come through the door and he doesn't. My phone rings and it isn't him. But my world is a little less empty every day. Maybe someday the scars on my heart will heal over. In the meantime God help the insurance exec that ends up in front of me when I'm driving anywhere.

I wish everyone here good luck. As for myself and the rest of our family, a cousin of his has sponsored us to move to another country where this insurance BS won't be able to happen again to us. And so we are leaving. I would stay and fight with you but I am so tired that I can't see past survival mode right now.

Thanks again for being my husbands online friends.

Lee Ann.
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