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Member since: Thu Jul 1, 2010, 09:10 AM
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I am a soon to be former medical administrator. I am not retiring. I am dying. And I'm mad about it. Insurance companies are the devil.

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I need some opinions on an OP for the GD board I am considering writing. Feed back is appreciated.

My story in short. 6 years ago I was hit by a driver who blew through a stop sign. 1 year after that I was driving back from PT from the 1st accident and it happened again. My insurance companies (company health insurance, auto1 and auto 2) get into an argument over who isn't going to pay. Long story short, no one takes responsibility by blaming the other companies. Doctor will not perform spinal surgery without cash at this point. I am in chronic pain and lost my job. I am also partially paralyzed and have bad balance. Oh and I have migraines.

I got another job with a smaller and nicer clinic working administrative tasks. IT's a switch but I like it a learn lots all the time.

This year I started to get spontaneous nose bleeds and cough up some blood. It becomes a daily ritual. I start to make sure that I ALWAYS have tissue at hand, just in case. Migraines get worse and balance is even more off, but I don't think too much about it because, well, I hurt all the time anyway so what is another log on the old shit sandwich?

I post about the downsides of having health problems, make too much to qualify for aid (I'm lucky that way) but too little to afford insurance with a pre-existing and about the bleeding on DU and I get some really good advice to seek more help and get an MRI. I take this advice and the results are really not good. Really not good. I really don't want to think about it, but reality can't be denied unless you are republican.

I haven't given up but my options are basically nil. My clinic is primary care and not set up to deal with this, and while my boss has been supportive (she is basically paying for my MRI), there is little she can do.

So what I want to write about it the dilemma that a growing percentage of American's are facing. We are stuck in a catch 22; we can't afford treatment and we need it. Our choices are either rolling the dice and impoverishing our families (perhaps leading to them being homeless) or rolling the dice and perhaps dying. And a growing number of us are saying that we would rather not leave the legacy of generational poverty to our spouses and families.

I would like your input on your thoughts on this. If you don't have insurance, what are you doing about it? Would you want to know the results of a test if you knew that you couldn't afford treatment (keeping in mind that a lot of this is NOT what ERs do so that is a ridiculous suggestion anyway), or would you not want to know? What would you choose to do? Would you say your goodbyes and then get on an ice flow and drift off? Would you fight for your life? Would you feel, perhaps with justification, that it wasn't worth the fight?

Is this even a topic that should be written about?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Well, that was bad news.

I'm not sure where to post this. Do you think I should move it?

My boss very nicely offered to help me pay for an MRI (basically she is paying for it) in order to screen out the reason why I have been experiencing bad migraines and bleeding.... in addition to my spinal injury issues (which also are not being seen to due to finances).

Now I wish I didn't know.

I am stuck on the horns of the dilemma that all too many American's face. I don't make enough to afford care, but I make too much to get any kind of assistance. So like many others I would rather die hard and swift by my own hand than cripple my family financially after I shrug off these mortal coils.

I guess on the whole it is good to know, but I can't afford the kind of aggressive therapy it would take to take this on. And now that there is an official diagnosis, I couldn't get insurance even if I could afford it.

I'm really not sure how to feel about this. I'm numb mostly.

Fuck. Now I get to go home and tell my family. That'll be fun.

Maybe while I'm still OK, it is time to put on a backpack and see what I haven't seen yet. ... I need a drink or 7.
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