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Profile Information

Name: Martin Johnson
Gender: Do not display
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Charlottesville, VA
Member since: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 02:30 PM
Number of posts: 20,671

About Me

Martin Johnson Charlottesville, VA

Journal Archives

Keep the suits coming. Bring a blizzard of suits and snow them under. Ignoring them didn't work.

Hit them in the pocketbook and bleed them dry.

Biden and/or Democratic Senators should invoke the Constitutional rule that the United States will

pay all debts. That overrides the artificial debt ceiling gambit. It's just an invention of anti-American Republicans.

If no one is defending you, you are probably in the wrong. Of course, that wouldn't occur to a

conservative Supreme Court judge. The arrogance alone disqualifies this judge from siting on the bench of our highest court.

We two sexual deviants and abusers on the Supreme Court. Both of them are ultra-conservative.

It's a good pitch, and it's true. The Republican version of "Freedom" is more gun deaths, more women

dying in childbirth, less healthcare, and more poverty.

Republicans can only force through the unpopular changes they want by threatening to severely damage

the nation (and the world's) economy.They must be exposed for the frauds they are, even if that requires a lot of pain. Otherwise, they will do it again and again and again. This isn't legislation - it's terrorism.

Basically I hear you explaining, very logically and with meaningful personal anecdotes that you have

witnessed over time a change in the attitude of local law enforcement towards crimes or incidents involving firearms. That change seems to be in the direction of feeling that unless a serious crime has taken place, - murder, serious physical injury, robbery - the misuse of firearms, and a disregard for basic gun safety procedures, is no longer considered worthy of law enforcement time and resources.

I would like to suggest that conservatives across the nation, and local law enforcement authorities (who generally lean towards the conservative side of the political spectrum), have decided that any action taken against the public misuse of firearms - even when they spur local citizens to report them when they feel endangered - is no longer to be responded to because right wing politicians will bring the full force of local government down on anybody who "complains" about anything remotely related to guns. Any hint of gun safety laws are considered dangerous and a serious threat to gun rights, and citizen reports are viewed in that light.

MAGAts are stuck in the mirror. They see nothing but what they expect to see.

They hear nothing but the endless echo chamber of Fox propaganda. They want revenge for "crimes" that didn't occur, are angry about "fraud" that didn't take place (except on their own side), and refuse to see the bottomless fraud and corruption of their own political leaders. They are ostriches with their heads stuck in a pit of shit generated by people who use them for their own profit.

Is "Dark Brandon" anything more than a meme? As a liberal, a Democrat, and a

strong supporter of President Biden - I wonder who this "Dark Brandon" is.

Is he:

1) a Democrat who dares to be super tough (sort of a Rambo-type rogue character), based on the facts and Democratic principles, with a tough guy attitude and the face of an optimist?

2) A fake, a phony, a wannabe who is manipulated by behind-the scenes, experts and Democratic "operatives" who feed him the word the polls suggest?

3. A Democrat who believes in doing the right thing for the country? That includes knowing when you can't get exactly what you want but that you can get something worthwhile by "giving in", pushing hard but accepting a compromise if that gets you the best deal possible.

It's not joke. It's a conspiracy. I don't know if Musk is deluded, a right winger, or a

"libertarian", but bit if he's the latter, we may be in trouble. That could mean he's not a "nut." He may have intelligently figured out how to influence public opinion to his own advantage. I don't think he gives a fig about right or left. He's a capital "C" Capitalist, and all he cares about is profit. This guy could be truly dangerous because he clearly doesn't believe in democracy. If he plans to run for office, or uses his money to influence those who have, he could be the Uber-Trump.
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