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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2010, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,514

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tomatillas anybody..

this is my second attempt trying to gow them... last year i learned teh hard way that one plant is rarely self fertile...i have fairly decent fruit set this year,right now i can feel marble sized fruits inside the husks.. they seem to love this hot dry wheather, which i suppose they would being natives of the baja.. doing well in Albuquerque NM

this year i have 3 plants ... would love any advise..

this is post 1000

thank you for your Patience..

any astrologers out there..

gonna predict that Tuesdays Venus transit is an omen for republicans... watch the election returns
Posted by oldhippydude | Sun Jun 3, 2012, 10:50 AM (1 replies)

a few random thoughts...

first of all please bear with me.. I'm not a super experienced poster.. just something that i have observed over the last few years, and a conclusion... also i did not know where to post so if its in the wrong forum, mods please move it, thanks

first of all as i'm sure most of you aware.. there is a real effort going on nationwide to limit voting participation in the 2012 election cycle, as well as beyond, by the right wing in this country.. this is of course to break the back of the Obama campaign, and the Democratic party this cycle, and going forward.. the demographics of course favor the Democrats, and so voter suppression has ben adopted.. the theme of (non existent) voter fraud has been adopted..

one can look back to the U.S. attorneys scandal of 06 to see Karl Rove, and others selling this "problem".. it always seemed to me that Karl Rove needed to brought up under oath on this matter but it was not to be..

fast forward to 2012.. again the right wingers, pushed this issue, this time with ALEC's finger prints all over it.. the process was accelerated by the right wingers electoral victories in 2010.. a very large percentage of the Tea Party and other right wingers are associated with ALEC.. thus insuring that companion legislation hit in a number of states at once.. OK at this point this is just old news, though pretty much ignored by the main stream media, we on the left have been paying a lot of attention, thanks largely to Rachel Maddow, and others..

one thing that frankly has amazed me these last few weeks, is the large exodus of corporate sponsors from ALEC.. attributed to Color of Change and others (congratulations !!).. okay heres where the tin foil hat comes in.. notice the Voter registration issue is moving rapidly toward center stage..

for those who may be better versed in our legal system than myself.. is it possible that the DOJ could be quietly pushing a RICO case against ALEC?.. something along the lines of conspiracy to deny voting rights.. just a thought... after all the corporate folks sure abandon ALEC in a hurry

if so this could be a blockbuster to energize our side..

Posted by oldhippydude | Sun Jun 3, 2012, 07:31 AM (9 replies)

for those of us not there..

what time do the polls close on Tuesday?.. central time?.. also, whose going to cover,, MSNBC, Current?
Posted by oldhippydude | Sat Jun 2, 2012, 09:41 AM (3 replies)
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