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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2010, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,514

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wonder how soon Nate's numbers will change?

new mexico sample ballot..

just took a look at the sample ballot here (Bernalillo county)... of course I'm voting straight ticket.... my question is about all those judges that we need to retain, or remove.... in the past i often have not voted on them unless there was an over whelming reason to do so.. my question, are there any progressive judges that need my retain vote?.. any teabaggers that we need to remove?.. i ask because i haven't been paying a lot of attention to the local news for some time... thanks for any input..

wonder who is going to be calling the running mate "stench" now

not since Martha Mitchell raised hell with the press..

have i had so many "popcorn days"... reminds me of watergate, no sooner would something come up, and something more absurd would be revealed..

please work for the election of our people, but take time to enjoy... political drama like this only comes around once a generation or so... got that giddy feeling, just like i got when the Watergate hearings were in session.. pure political drama..

when is the real shock going to hit... that Willard has not paid taxes for a decade!!!

prove us wrong..... your move willard!!

when will the first polls show the "bounce"?


is Eastwood stoned?

the mans delivery is haltingly slow... was working in another room and thought it was some minor personage.. just seems he is out of his element.. crowd going wild for no apparent reason..

saw my first Romney bumper sticker today... ABQ

Big ass pu at the local village inn.. tons of obama stickers out there... my 12 next to my 08..

the last couple of days... the rumors say to expect repubs at our convention..

wonder if todays announcment of Ryan, will encourage repubs to jump from a sinking ship... just a thought..

also wonder ir the rumor folks knew something we did not... in any case a "Joe Lieberman" or 2 would not hurt a bit..

speaking of R & R Romney / Ryan

anybody check Free Republic ?
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