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Wolf Frankula

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 11:02 PM
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Some Minor Crotchets about Beer

Oneth, this is NOT about how beer was better in the 'Good Old Days', it wasn't. It's better now. But I have a few minor complaints.

A: Every IPA does not have to be a hop bomb. It seems brewers are trying to make the hoppiest beers possible. Somebody brews a 100 IBU beer, and somebody else HAS to top that. The original IPAs were hoppy, but not the bombs we see now.

B: There are other brewing traditions beside the Belgian. Again, it seems almost every brewer is making sours, abbeys, dubbels, tripels, quadrupels, fruit beers, saisons and so on. Actually a reaction seems to have begun against this. One local brewery is brewing Scottish ales, another specializes in German beers and so on.

C: Stop just showing off. You make bad beers. One brewer, New Belgium I think it was, had a cooperative beer where it seemed one brewer wanted to make a saison, one wanted to make a fruit beer and one wanted to make a sour. They ended up making a mess.

D: Respect the style. Pilsener does not have rice in it. You don't barrel age Helles. Dark rye fruit kolsch (the brewer stopped making it) was an abomination.

Posted by Wolf Frankula | Tue Jun 30, 2015, 01:34 PM (25 replies)
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