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Wolf Frankula

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 11:02 PM
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Joe, No Matter How Much You Want to Be

No matter how much you kiss their ass, no matter how much you study, write and learn; you will never be an old money, old family, WASP. You're a sh**ny, Joe. A Old Money, Old Family WASP will go into business with you, employ you as an accountant, lawyer, doctor, or dentist, have cocktails with you at a bar, borrow from you and lend money to you, buy and sell with you, have an affair with your daughter or son, and have dinner at your house or your club. But you will never be welcome at his club, welcome at his house, or be regarded as anything other than a pushy, money grubbing Jew.

There are exceptions, or course. But that is the attitude from my experience. The OMOF Wasps would NEVER join the Klan, or the Nazis, that's vulgar and common, and will get you blackballed.
But Joe, you will NEVER be regarded as their equals.


(Who is neither Jewish, nor an OMOF WASP, but has had experience with both. The above has been told me by members of both communities.)
Posted by Wolf Frankula | Thu Jan 2, 2014, 11:29 PM (0 replies)
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