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Member since: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 10:14 AM
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Whatever happened to the three wise men?

Someone asked in another thread about whatever happened to these guys. Turns out, I'd recently researched the mystery.

"Despite presumably having hailed from three different continents (Africa, Europe and Asia, respectively), the three wise men had managed a reunion for the purposes of croaking, and being buried together, in the Land of Ind, where in the kind of happy coincidence that we’ve come to expect from Constantine's mom [Queen Helena, the founding mother of the relic biz], they were luckily discovered. Helena decided to put all the wise man bones into a single chest which she jazzed up with jewels and gold and other assorted bling and then she carted the whole thing back to the church of Saint Sophia in Constantinople. There the mummies rested comfortably until AD 1164 when Holy Roman Emperor Frederick moved them one last time to Cologne, where they reside to this very day. "

From "Exit Through the Grift Shop" in my forthcoming book, Laughing at the Gods.

You probably don't even want to know about what happened to Jesus' foreskin and other proliferating penis pieces.

My Christmas wish for everyone

is that you spend at least half an hour watching episodes of "You Suck at Cooking" on YouTube. I've spent an hour and think I now have a way to unTrump my mind, at least temporarily. SOOOO funny!


Conservatism/Tribalism as Religion

An extremely interesting, but ultimately depressing, article about where we are now. Long read, But worth it.


Just wondering

if anyone else finds "Christian Feminist" a contradiction in terms.

Why Franken had to go

This one hurts. But I think it nailed it.


Do you HATE not believing in hell anymore?

this week I really do. Haven't been this depressed since, oh, last November 8th.

closer to actual evidence of Russian ratfcking vote totals in the last election.

I've always believed it. I still believe it.

article from Esquire:


The midterms need to be a bloodbath!

It's time to take the gloves off!
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