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Member since: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 10:14 AM
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The Dakota Pipeline. And me.

I'm not a native American. Not particularly a good student of American history. But this crisis, from its beginning, has captured and wounded me, spurring some legitimate research on my part, and hitting home especially at this holiday season, already unusual for some of us, by being saturated with so much disappointment.

During our family Thanksgiving preparations I began talking to my teen, and pre-teen grands about how upset I'd been over this travesty. I gave them a little background on the treaties that have been broken with these native people, the United Nation speech on the rights of indigenous people that I had recently listened to, and the global embarrassment of the US votes on this issue, and other snippets. I was very emotional and weepy also coming off a bad cold or bout of flu and then there was the added factor that they think their Grammar is always a little nuts. She is. But I'm very happy, and weepy again, tonight. Chalk one up for US. For all of "us."

I really need to feel good, to feel hopeful, about something. I trust there are others of you out there who understand.
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